of the


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, November 3, 2008, 6:30 p.m.


The Board of Directors of Kutztown Area School District met for the workshop board meeting on Monday, November 3, 2008, 6:30 p.m., at Albany Elementary School pursuant to due notice to board members and the public.


Present             Dan Walter, Jo Stevens, Carl Ziegler, Don Vymazal, Pat Bealer, Dennis Ritter, Al Darion,   

                        and student representative Amelia Mengel


Absent             Jasper Ho (arrived late 7:05 p.m.)


Also Present     Robert R. Gross III, Joseph Pugliese, Rikki Clark, Matt Link, Peter Miller, Mick O’Neil, Rebecca Beidelman, Jennifer McAteer, Dave Miller, Chris Dietz, John Noll, Kevin Fegely, Derek Mace, Karen Kossifos, Keith Woodland, Erica Woodland, Melissa Blatt, Larry Schumacher, Fay Rothenberger, Steve Rothenberger, Joan Haring, Donna Keglovits, Darlene Horwath, Susan McLellan, Lou Cottone, John Zima, Kathy Noll, Joey Stutzman, Jim Hanna, Andrew Brett, Kelley Neyhart, Joel Blackwood, Ed Weiss, Vicky Weiss, Fred Warning, Melissa Nolte, Elaine Rabenold, Brenda Loeb, John Vail


Call to Order    The meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by President Vymazal.


Welcome          President Vymazal welcomed guests and opened the meeting with a moment of

silence and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  He asked that everyone sign the attendance book and mark the topic of comment next to their name.  He requested that anyone wishing to speak on an agenda item please raise his/her hand to be recognized.  This meeting was being tape-recorded.


Mr. Gross recognized Don Vymazal for being recognized by PSBA for his twelve years of outstanding service to education.


Board Seat       Derek Mace, Milton Kern, Michael Ramos


                        By anonymous vote, Michael Ramos was selected for the vacant Board seat.


Personnel         Motion made by Dennis Ritter, seconded by Pat Bealer, to approve the following personnel items:   

1.       The approval of Kimberly S. Moyer as a certified teacher substitute for 2008-2009, effective November 4, 2008 at the approved substitute teacher rate of $100 per day for days 1-20 and $110 per day for days 21-45.

2.       The approval of the following High School music extra duty positions and salaries for 2008-2009:

Faculty Co-Manager of Music – Shared                Bryan Hartman              $ 1,324

                                                                        Douglas Matz                $ 1,324

High School Stage Manager – Shared                  Bryan Hartman              $    612

                                                                        Douglas Matz                $    612

Elementary Stage Manager                                 Bryan Hartman              $ 1,224

Pop Group Director                                            Bryan Hartman  $          1,874

Band Director                                                    Douglas Matz                $ 5,085

3.       The approval of the following returning Kutztown All School Musical staff and salaries for 2008-2009:

Director                                                             Robert Williams             $ 2,460

Vocal Director                                                    Bryan Hartman              $ 1,787

Orchestra Director                                              Douglas Matz                $ 1,035

Costumes                                                         Jennifer Juntunen           $    637

Scenery Construction                                         Barbara Bleiler               $    398

Scenery Painting                                               Barbara Bleiler               $    398

Choreographer                                                   Beverly Blatt                  $    677

4.       The approval of the following guest teachers for 2008-2009, effective November 4, 2008 at the approved substitute rate of $100 per day for days 1-20 and $110 per day for days 21-45:

Emilie Gicker                             Kathryn Hoy                              Aaron Wismer

Lisa Marino                               Amanda Myers

Roll call vote:              Yes 7                No  0                Absent  1 (Ho)

Motion carried.

All Personnel were Approved Pending the District’s Receipt of All Mandated Credentials.


HS Campus      Motion made by Dennis Ritter, seconded by Al Darion, to close the discussion on the

Project             High School campus project motion.

                        Roll call vote:              Yes  6               No 2 (Ho, Vymazal)      Absent 0

                        Motion carried.


Motion made by Al Darion, seconded by Dennis Ritter, to approve the High School

                        campus project.  Said project is to include building renovations and additions to Kutztown Area High School and upgrades to the campus athletic facility. Building renovations and additions feature the one-story classroom wing option approved at the October 6 Board of School Directors’ meeting as attached. Athletic facility upgrades may include an all-weather 8-lane track, synthetic turf-playing surface with drainage, replacement of stadium lighting, and a 2,500 square foot concession/toilet/storage structure. Funding for this project will be achieved through the 27 million dollar bond issuance and utilization of existing fund balance and construction fund dollars.

Roll call vote:              Yes  6               No  2 (Bealer, Ho)        Absent  0

            Motion carried.


Resident           Motion made by Carl Ziegler, seconded by Al Darion, to approve D’Huy Engineering, Inc.

Project             to serve as resident project manager for the High School addition and renovation project

Manager           at a rate of 3.15% of the actual construction cost.  Approval is pending solicitor’s final review of the contract agreement.

Roll call vote:              Yes  6               No  2 (Ho, Vymazal)     Absent  0

                        Motion carried.


Travel               Motion made by Carl Ziegler seconded by Dan Walter, to approve the purchase of 24-

Accident          hour Travel Accident Insurance from the PSBA Insurance Trust for Robert Gross, 

Insurance         Nicholas Lazo, Joseph Pugliese, and Rikki Clark, at an annual cost of $36.00 per person.

Roll call vote:              Yes  8               No  0                Absent  0

Motion carried.


Conference       Motion made by Al Darion, seconded by Dennis Ritter, to approve the conference request

Request            for Brenda Boyer to attend the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference to be held February 8-11, 2009 in Hershey, PA at a cost of $953.93.

Roll call vote:              Yes  5               No  0                Absent  3  (Ho, Darion, Ritter)

Motion carried.


Public              The following community members stated their concern on the High School campus  

Comment         project:  Larry Schumacher, Sue McLellan, Ed and Vickie Weiss, John Vail, Kurt Kanaski,

                        Elaine Rabenold, and Kelley Neyhart, and Melissa Nolte.


                        Rob Fisher stated his concern on the High School sports program.


                        Mr. Gross reiterated our students’ extra-curricular achievements in sports and the FFA.


Adjournment    Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Jasper Ho, to adjourn the meeting at 9:09 p.m.

Motion carried unanimously.



Respectfully submitted by,                                                                                             



                                                                                                            Rikki L. Clark

                                                                                                            School Board Secretary