of the


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, November 7, 2005, 7:30 p.m.


The Board of Directors of Kutztown Area School District met for the workshop board meeting on Monday,  November 7, 2005, 7:30 p.m., at the Kutztown Elementary School Multi-purpose room pursuant to due notice to board members and the public.


Present           Patricia Bealer, Kay Churchman, Kent Dahlquist, James Kramer, Dennis Ritter, William Yurvati, Carl Ziegler, Tyler Loeb-Student Representative, Krystal Loy-Alternate Student Representative


Absent             Dale Reppert, Don Vymazal


Also                 Dr. Brenda Winkler-Superintendent, Joe Pugliese-Board Treasurer, Gretchen Diehl- Board

Present           Secretary, Nick Lazo, Lu Palmer, Eric Erb, Lorraine Felker, Matt Smith, Jim Orwig, Peter Miller, Tom Green, Sallie Ann Yerger, Mick-OÕNeil, Stan Kita, Lou Cottone, Nancy Unger, Deb Kenney


Call to Order   The meeting was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by Vice-President Ziegler.


Welcome         Vice-President Ziegler welcomed guests and opened the meeting with a moment of silence and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  He asked that everyone sign the attendance book and mark their concern next to their name.  He requested that anyone wishing to speak on an agenda item please raise his/her hand to be recognized. This meeting was tape-recorded.


Executive Session     An executive session of the full board to discuss personnel matters on tonightÕs agenda was held from 6:45 p.m. to 7:44 p.m.


Presentation   Erin Webb gave a presentation on the transition program at KASD.


Personnel       Motion made by Dennis Ritter, seconded by Patricia Bealer, to approve the following  

personnel items:
1.  Approval to grant tenure to Pamela Ashman effective November 3, 2005 due to completion of 3 years of teaching and fulfillment of all requirements for tenure.
2.  Approval of Tom Sally as Social Studies Department Chairperson for School Year 2005-2006 at a salary of $1,513.
3.  Approval of the following individuals as substitute teachers effective November 8, 2005 for School Year 2005-2006 at the current substitute teacher rate:
            Denise Dorwart          Guest Teacher      Cedar Crest College
            Bryan Zeiner             Guest Teacher      Muhlenberg College
            Steven Dietrich          Elementary           Kutztown University/Clarion University 
            Shannon Murphy      Elementary           Indiana University of Pennsylvania
4.  Approval of Elizabeth Keeley as interim Head Cook at the Kutztown Elementary School beginning November 8, 2005 until further notice at a rate of $8.75 per hour.
5.  Approval of the following coaches for School Year 2005-2006:
            Brad Losito               Head Coach-Wrestling                        $5,402
            Shawn Losito            Asst. Coach-Wrestling                        $2,987
            Matt Sola                  Asst. Coach-Wrestling                        $2,987
            Jared Heffner            Asst. Coach-Boys Basketball              $2,987
6.  Approval of Dennis Hertzog as a van driver for School Year 2005-2006.
Roll call vote:    Yes  7        No  0        Absent  2 (Reppert, Vymazal)

Motion carried.


All Personnel Are Approved Pending the DistrictÕs Receipt of All Mandated Credentials.




Microscope     Motion made by William Yurvati, seconded by Patricia Bealer, to approve the donation

Donation          of six used manual microscopes that are no longer needed at the middle school to six

                        Mennonite schools in the area.

Roll call vote:    Yes  7        No  0        Absent  2 (Reppert, Vymazal)

                        Motion carried.


Discussion Item          Charter Schools Cost


Adjournment   Motion made by Jim Kramer, seconded by Kent Dahlquist, to adjourn the meeting at

                        8:18 p.m.

            Motion carried unanimously.


                                                                             Respectfully submitted by,



                                                                             Gretchen A. Diehl

                                                                             School Board Secretary