of the


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, November 4, 2002, 7:30 p.m.


The Board of Directors of Kutztown Area School District met for the workshop board meeting on Monday,

November 4, 2002, 7:30 p.m., in the Kutztown Elementary School Multi-purpose room pursuant to due notice to board members and the public.


Present           Patricia Bealer, Kent Dahlquist, James Kramer, Donald Meyers, Dale Reppert, Dennis Ritter, Don Vymazal, William Yurvati, Carl Ziegler


Absent             Lynn Nonnemacher-Student Representative


Also                 Brenda Winkler-Superintendent, Nickolas Sosik-Business Manager, Gretchen Diehl-Board

Present           Secretary, Geri Miller, Mark Erb, Eric Erb, Nick Lazo, Michele Fragnito, Celeste Brown, Tom

Green, Leroy Merkel, Merav Bushlin-Reading Eagle, Pat Snyder, Mary Edwards, Terry Guers,

Phil Leinbach, Barbara Cohenaur, Bill Ziegler


Call to Order   The meeting was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by President Vymazal


Welcome         President Vymazal welcomed guests and opened the meeting with a moment of silence and

                        Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  He asked that everyone sign the attendance book and mark their concern next to their name.  He requested that anyone wishing to speak on an agenda item please raise his/her hand to be recognized. 


Presentation   Barbara Cohenaur and Bill Ziegler introduce PBS educational programming which is aired over a local cable channel into classrooms. Discussions and costs will take place at the next Policy and Curriculum Meeting.


Feasibility       Phil Leinbach presented the final Feasibility Study for the senior high school building.

Study               The study includes six main options varying in costs plus some add-on possibilities. The next

step is a committee-of-the-whole meeting on Tuesday, November 26th in the high school

library at 7:00 p.m. The board will review the study and begin the process to see which

option, if any, is the most feasible for the district.


Personnel       Motion made by Kent Dahlquist, seconded by Dennis Ritter, to approve the following  

personnel items 1-10:
1.   Acceptance of the resignation of Jim Keeley, custodian, effective October 11, 2002.
2.   Approval of Buddy Balik as full-time custodian at the approved starting custodian rate of $8.50 per hour effective November 4, 2002.
3.   Approval to rescind the resignation of Dori Zingley, nurse aide, effective immediately.
4.   Approval of range of hourly rates for nurseÕs aide positions are:
          Years 1-3                 $11.00 - $12.50
          Years 4 and beyond    $13.00 - $15.50
5.   Approval of rate increases for the following nurseÕs aides:
          Dori Zingley to $11.00 per hour
          Julia Hummel to $11.25 per hour
6.   Approval of Derek Schroeder change of status from substitute custodian to preferred custodian at the approved rate of $8.25 per hour for School Year 2002-2003.
7.   Approval of Brandi Cairns as substitute custodian for School Year 2002-2003 at the approved sub custodian rate of $8.00 per hour effective October 14, 2002.
8.   Approval of Linda Arndt as part-time cafeteria worker effective October 28, 2002 at the approved starting rate of $6.50 per hour.
9.     Approval of Patrecia Christ as substitute aide and substitute office aide for School Year 2002-2003 at the approved sub rates.




10. Ratification of the following individuals as guest teachers effective November 4, 2002 for School Year 2002-2003 at the current substitute teacher rate:
          Matthew Bell                   Tyler School of Art
          Dawn Farlow                   Kutztown University and St. JosephÕs University                      
          Patricia Gisler                  Temple Universtiy
          Walter Grube, Jr., Ph.D.  Penn State University and West Virginia University
          Christine Jroski                Widener University             
          Jamie Kline                     Kutztown University/Alvernia College
          Ronald Lapinsky             Albright College
          Mark Machamer               Penn State University
          Anne Moll                        Alvernia College
          Karen Rice                      Cabrini College
          Martin Schmittberger       Alvernia College
          Robert Shannon             Penn State University
          Collen Stott                     Albright College and University of Illinois
          Pamela VanLuvanee      Gannon University
                        Roll call vote:        Yes  9           No  0             Absent 0

Motion carried.


All Personnel Are Approved Pending the DistrictÕs Receipt of All Mandated Credentials.


First Reading  Motion made by Patricia Bealer, seconded by William Yurvati to approve the first reading

Policy #716     of attached policy #716 Š Integrated Pest Management

Roll call vote:    Yes  9              No  0             Absent 0

Motion carried.


01-02 Budget   Motion made by William Yurvati, seconded by Patricia Bealer, to approve the attached final

Transfers        budget transfers for fiscal year 2001-2002.

Roll call vote:    Yes  9              No  0             Absent 0

Motion carried.


Pastor Ritter left at 9:15 p.m.


Executive        Motion made by James Kramer, seconded by Donald Meyers, to enter into an executive

Session           session to discuss personnel matters at 9:22 p.m.

Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Reppert left 9:24 p.m.

Pastor Ritter returned at 9:30 p.m.


The Board reconvened at 10:30 p.m.


Adjournment   Motion made by Patricia Bealer, seconded by William Yurvati, to adjourn the meeting at

                        10:31 p.m.

            Motion carried unanimously.


                                                                             Respectfully submitted by,



                                                                             Gretchen A. Diehl

                                                                             School Board Secretary