of the


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, June 3, 2002, 7:30 p.m.


The Board of Directors of Kutztown Area School District met for the workshop board meeting on Monday,

June 3, 2002, 7:30 p.m., in the senior high school library pursuant to due notice to board members and the public.


Present           Patricia Bealer, Kent Dahlquist, James Kramer, Donald Meyers, Dale Reppert, Don Vymazal, William Yurvati, Carl Ziegler


Absent             Dennis Ritter, Ben Haas-Student Representative, Lynn Nonnemacher-Alternate Student Representative


Also                 Dr. Brenda A. Winkler-Superintendent, Gretchen Diehl-Board Secretary, Nickolas Sosik, Jr.-

Present           Business Manager, Geri Miller, Barry Adams, Celeste Brown, Michele Fragnito, Mark

Dawson, Barbara Richard, Leroy Merkel, Amy Rice, Sara Walter, Tina Billig, Shelby Brett, Jane Wilson, Marcie Miller, Al Darion, Phil Leinbach, Lucy Walter, Cheryl Funk, Brian Trexler


Call to Order   The meeting was called to order at 7:46 p.m. by President Vymazal


Welcome         President Vymazal welcomed guests and opened the meeting with a moment

                        of silence and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  He asked that everyone sign the attendance book and mark their concern next to their name.  He requested that anyone wishing to speak on an agenda item please raise his/her hand to be recognized. 


Personnel       Motion made by Kent Dahlquist, seconded by Donald Meyers, to approve the following

personnel items #1-#4:

1.   Acceptance, with regret, of the letter of resignation of Mark Dawson, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds effective August 1, 2002 or when a suitable replacement is found.
2.   Acceptance of the letter of resignation, due to retirement, of Carl Wisser, elementary teacher, effective the end of School Year 2001-2002.
3.   Change of Shelby BrettÕs child rearing and family medical leave to commence on or about September 30, 2002. Ms. BrettÕs absence is planned from no later than September 6, 2002 through January 3, 2003.
4.   Ratification of the following individual to be added to the approved 2001-2002 substitute teacher list as of May 28th at the daily substitute rate:
    Brenda Fiering            Elementary Ed.         Kutztown University     
Roll call vote:    Yes  8           No  0             Absent 1   (Ritter)

Motion carried.


All Personnel Are Approved Pending the DistrictÕs Receipt of All Mandated Credentials.


2001-2002       Motion made by William Yurvati, seconded by Patricia Bealer, to approve Douglas Potts

Van & Bus       and Sonia Natal as substitute Van Lear drivers for School Year 2001-2002.

Drivers            Roll call vote:    Yes  8              No  0             Absent 1   (Ritter)

Motion carried.


2002 Summer Motion made by Donald Meyers, seconded by William Yurvati, to approve the attached

Programs        transportation routes for 2002 Summer Programs (i.e., Summer Reading, Fast ForWord, Transportation Extended School Year and Early Intervention)

                        Roll call vote:    Yes  8              No  0             Absent 1   (Ritter)

Motion carried.






2002-2003       Motion made by Dale Reppert, seconded by Carl Ziegler, to approve the following van

Van & Bus       and bus drivers for School Year 2002-2003:

Drivers                 Ronald Richard        Shane Ritzman         Nancy Peters      William Greenawald

                             Tessie Adam           Shirley Burkhart         Mark George       Nevin Smith     

                             Scott Warmkessel

                        Roll call vote:    Yes  8              No  0             Absent 1   (Ritter)

Motion carried.


Grant Money   Motion made by William Yurvati, seconded by Kent Dahlquist, to accept grant monies

Acceptance     received for the following State & Federal Programs in order to incorporate these revenues

                        and expenditures into the 2001-2002 general fund budget:

   PSSA                                                                                 $ 45,889.50

   Safe School Initiative Grant                                                $ 16,250.00  

   Title II Š Eisenhower Grant (BCIU)                                      $ 10,685.77

             (includes 2,804.77 from last yearÕs grant

   Safe and Drug Free Schools (BCIU)                                   $   8,272.89

             (includes 802.89 from last yearÕs grant)

   Agricultural & Rural Youth Program Direct Grant                 $   2,500.00

   Agricultural & Rural Youth Program Matching Grant            $ 10,000.00

                        Roll call vote:    Yes  8              No  0             Absent 1   (Ritter)

Motion carried.


Public              Jane Wilson Š Albany Special Education Classroom Needed

Comment         Amy Rice Š same as above

                        Tina Billig Š Follow-up to daycare transportation issue raised at earlier meeting

                        Al Darion Š Read a letter regarding KATAÕs view on the 2002-2003 School Year calendar


Feasibility       Phil Leinbach from AEM Architects noted the Educational Specifications Committee, made up of  Study Update               teachers, administrators, board members, parents and students met for the second time tonight.

The departmental sub-committees presented the space, equipment, and other needs for educational programs at the high school. AEM will meet with administrators on Thursday this week. AEM will then pull the information together and create common themes for a feasibility study draft. They will take into consideration the districtÕs strategic plan, current Plancon scheduling of other buildings with reimbursements. In three weeks they should have a draft for the board for comments. At that time they will go back and create the final study. Pat, Jim, Don attended tonightÕs meeting. The chairpersons are working quickly and effectively before the end of the school year. Mr. Leinbach noted that a feasibility study is officially not needed until Plancon A & B but it helps to get early input for the study to move in the right direction. The Board members are urged to attend these meetings and read the draft to keep abreast of the direction the study is moving. The Board will need to approve the study for PDE.


Adjournment   Motion made by Kent Dahlquist, seconded by Carl Ziegler, to adjourn the meeting at

                        8:39 p.m.

            Motion carried unanimously.


                                                                             Respectfully submitted by,



                                                                             Gretchen A. Diehl

                                                                             School Board Secretary