of the


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, September 17, 2007, 7:30 p.m.


The Board of Directors of Kutztown Area School District met for the regular board meeting on Monday, Monday, September 17, 2007 at 7:30 p.m., in the library of the Senior High School pursuant to due notice to board members and the public.


Present                  Pat Bealer, Kay Churchman, Al Darion, Dennis Ritter, Dan Walter, Don Vymazal, Bill Yurvati, Carl Ziegler


Absent                   Dale Reppert



Also                         Joseph Pugliese, Nick Lazo, Karen Connaghan, Lorraine Felker, Barb Richard, Rikki Clark

Present                  James Brown, Tom Green, Leroy Merkel, James Orwig, John Noll, Josh Chambers, Jennifer Lesagonicz Youndt, Kimberly A. Trexler, Bryan M. Hartman, Kris Tuerk, Donna Hill-Chaney, Ann Dietric, Julie Gilbert, Angie Petak, Jeremiah Schwalm, Amelia Mengel, Kaitlyn Sterner, Sam Bomeman,  Amanda Smith, Casey Trexler, Bittni Treichler, Abbey Fegely, Harold Sheaffer, Donna Keglovits, Erin Webb, Carol Schulley, Heather Cavanagh, Stephenie Palsgrave, Amy Faust, Fay Rothenberger, Kristin Chan, Tonia Dolinsky, Missy Bortz, Chrissy Rigopoulos, Katie O�Shea, Johannah Sheridan, Sang Sans Vuons, Laura Wieder, Kathy Ritter, Brittany Lloyd


Call to Order      The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Vymazal.


Welcome               President Vymazal welcomed guests and opened the meeting with a moment of silence

                                    and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  He asked everyone to sign the attendance book and mark their concern next to their name.  He requested that anyone wishing to speak on an agenda item please raise his/her hand to be recognized. The meeting was tape-recorded.


Approval               Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Bill Yurvati, to approve the minutes

Of Minutes           for the August 20, 2007 and September 4, 2007 school board meetings.

                                    Roll call vote:  Yes  8       No  0      Absent  1  (Reppert)

Motion carried.


TreasurerÕs         Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Kay Churchman, to accept the treasurerÕs

Report                    report of the general fund.

                                    Roll call vote:  Yes  8      No  0      Absent  1  (Reppert)

Motion carried.


Ratification         Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Kay Churchman, to ratify for payment the

of General            general account bills in the amount of $358,740.83.

Account Bills     Roll call vote:  Yes  8       No  0      Absent  1  (Reppert)

                                    Motion carried.


Approval               Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Al Darion, to approve for payment

of General            the general account bills in the amount of $257,173.62.

Account Bills     Roll call vote:  Yes  8       No  0       Absent  1  (Reppert)

Motion carried.


SuptÕs                     Nick Lazo stated that this is how we like to see the board meetings - a packed house! Mr. Lazo

Report                    also stated that this is one of the meetings we really look forward to is recognizing our students.


                                    Bryan Hartman presented the Traveling Art Show, while the art teachers recognized the young artisans with their artwork.  Mr. Hartman applauded the students on all their accomplishments with the art department. 


                                    Harold Sheaffer presented the FFA recognitions with Gold, Silver, and Bronze certificates to the eight students he took to the state competition at Penn State University over the summer.  Mr. Sheaffer stated how impressed he is with the quality of these students and how many times these students go unrecognized.


Committee           EIT                      Ms. Bealer reported that the committee will meet next week. 

Reports                 Pat Bealer


                                   BCTC               Mr. Ziegler reported that the committee accepted the strategic plan.

Carl Ziegler         


                                    ECC                   No Meeting.

                                    Pat Bealer


                  BCIU                 No report.

                  Dennis Ritter


                  PSBA               This week Pennsylvania legislation is back in session.  The committee plans to 

                                    Kay Churchman  look into Cyber School legislation which is a large cost of districts.  


Policy & Curriculum   Mr. Yurvati reported that there was three agenda items:  male

                                    Bill Yurvati     participation on female teams, updates on progress of emergency plans, and an FYI                           on participation of the High School band front.


Personnel            Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Dan Walter, to approve the following personnel items:

Administrative salaries for School Year 2007-2008 retroactive to July 1, 2007.

Brenda Winkler, Superintendent                     $132,490.00

Joseph Pugliese, Business Administrator $  91,020.00

Nicholas Lazo, Jr., Asst. Superintendent   $100,134.00

1.        Resignation of Thomas Campbell, Classrooms For the Future Coach and High School social studies teacher, effective September 20, 2007.

2.        Approval to hire an additional Learning Support classroom aide to follow the increase in the Learning Support population of the current 6th grade class.

3.        Approval to grant tenure to Alan Angstadt effective September 7, 2007 due to completion of 3 years of teaching and fulfillment of all requirements for tenure.

4.        Approval to increase hours for Martha Bergman, a student-assigned aide at Kutztown Elementary School, from 35 hours to 40 hours per week at her current hourly rate, effective September 18, 2007.

5.       Approval of Thomas Cherry, as a boysÕ physical education long-term substitute at the High School, effective September 24, 2007, at a rate of $96.00 per day for days 1-20, $107.00 per day for days 21-45 and the balance at BachelorÕs Degree, Step 1, for non-tenured teachers per the KASD/KATA contract.

6.        Approval of Christopher Stofko, as a school psycologist intern, effective September 4, 2007 at a stipend of $6,000.

7.        Approval of the following individuals to be added to the approved 2007-2008 substitute teacher list at the daily substitute rate:

      Matthew A. Ramus              West Chester University                   Health & Fitness Cert.

                Robert Mariano                     Trenton State College                         Guest Teacher

Tina Henderson                   Penn State University                         Guest Teacher  

Stuart Smith                           Alvernia College                   Elementary K-6

8.        Approval of the following individuals to be added to the approved 2007-2008 substitute aide list for School Year 2007-2008 at the current hourly substitute aide rate.

                  Tammy Warning

                  Stuart Smith

9.       Approval of Lisa Peters as a substitute cafeteria worker at a rate of $8.10 per hour effective September 11, 2007.

10.    Approval of the following individuals as substitute custodians at a rate of $9.10 per hour, effective September 17, 2007.

         Tom Bond

         Mary Wagner

11.    Approval of the following department chairpersons for School Year 2007-2008, at a salary of $1,590 per the KASD/KATA contract:

     Language Arts                                         Toni Koller

     Math                                                              Sallie Sandler

     Science                                                       Suzanne Peters

     Social Studies                                          Tom Sally

     Elementary (Content)                          Louise DeMatteo

     Elementary (Language Arts)            Louise DeMatteo

     Business/Vocational                            Karen Neas

     Fine Arts                                                     Bryan Hartman

     Foreign Languages                               Marta Schunk

    Special Education                   Karen Kabakoff

                               Roll call vote:   Yes  8                No 0                                  Absent 1  (Reppert)

                                  Motion carried.


             Motion made by Bill Yurvati, seconded by Dennis Ritter, to approve the following personnel             item:

                Ratification of Lorraine Felker as High School Principal at a salary of $82,509

                                  Roll call vote:  Yes  6                 No  2  (Darion, Walter)   Absent  1  (Reppert)

                               Motion carried.

                   All Personnel are Approved Pending the District's Receipt of All Mandated Credentials


Conference         Motion made by Al Darion, seconded by Pat Bealer, for the approval of the conference request

Request                 for Bernard Boyle to attend the Increasing Content Area Comprehension Conference to be held September 25, 2007, November 4, 2007, and February 26, 2008 at the Berks County Intermediate Unit at a cost of $373.00.

                                    Roll call vote:  Yes 8                No  0                         Absent 1  (Reppert)

                                    Motion carried.


Senior                    Motion made by Dennis Ritter, seconded by Bill Yurvati, for the approval of Lillian Karch and

Volunteer Tax    Peter Karch to participate in the KASD Senior Volunteer Tax Exchange Program for School

Exchange             Year 2007-2008.

                                    Roll call vote:  Yes 8           No 0                       Absent 1  (Reppert)

                                    Motion carried.


Adjournment     Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Bill Yurvati, to adjourn the

                                    meeting at 8:45 p.m.

                  Motion carried unanimously.


                                                                                                                   Respectfully submitted by,


                                                                                                                   Rikki L. Clark

                                                                                                                   School Board Secretary