of the


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, October 15, 2007, 7:30 p.m.


The Board of Directors of Kutztown Area School District met for the regular board meeting on Monday, Monday, October 15, 2007 at 7:30 p.m., in the library of the Senior High School pursuant to due notice to board members and the public.


Present                  Pat Bealer, Al Darion, Dennis Ritter, Dan Walter, Don Vymazal, Bill Yurvati, Carl Ziegler


Absent                   Dale Reppert, Kay Churchman



Also                         Dr. Brenda Winkler, Joseph Pugliese, Nick Lazo, Karen Connaghan, Lorraine Felker, Barb

Present                  Richard, Rikki Clark, Lu Palmer, James Brown, James Orwig, Sallie Ann Yerger, Michelle Park-Reading Eagle, Cleotilde Hernandez, AnnMarie Quirk, Danielle Schaffer, Joe Danver, Jessica Heinbach, Candance Canty, Kadi Rodgers, Joann Buffum, Susan McLellan, Scott McLellan, Linda Baly, Matt Brett, John Noll, Lou Cottone, Julie Kindig


Call to Order      The meeting was called to order at 7:50 p.m. by President Vymazal.


Welcome               President Vymazal welcomed guests and opened the meeting with a moment of silence

                                    and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.  He asked everyone to sign the attendance book and mark their concern next to their name.  He requested that anyone wishing to speak on an agenda item please raise his/her hand to be recognized. The meeting was tape-recorded.


Approval               Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Bill Yurvati, to approve the minutes

Of Minutes           for the September 17, 2007 and October 1, 2007 school board meetings.

                                    Roll call vote:  Yes  7       No  0      Absent  2  (Reppert, Churchman)

Motion carried.


TreasurerÕs         Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Dan Walter, to accept the treasurerÕs

Report                    report of the general fund.

                                    Roll call vote:  Yes  7      No  0      Absent  2  (Reppert, Churchman)

                                    Motion carried.


Ratification         Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Dennis Ritter, to ratify for payment the

of General            general account bills in the amount of $342,758.48.

Account Bills     Roll call vote:  Yes  7       No  0      Absent  2  (Reppert, Churchman)

                                    Motion carried.


Approval               Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Al Darion, to approve for payment

of General            the general account bills in the amount of $391,227.47.

Account Bills     Roll call vote:  Yes  7       No  0       Absent  2  (Reppert, Churchman)

Motion carried.


SuptÕs                     Dr. Winkler welcomed the Kutztown University students from an administration course to the 

Report                    meeting.


                                    Dr. Winkler congratulated Erika Yurvati for her participation in the state level Presidential Leadership program, which allowed her to qualify for the national level.


                                    Dr. Winkler recognized the post-season sports programs that were able to attend districts playoffs, such as golf, tennis, soccer, and cross-country.  She stated how proud she was that the students are able to do so well in both academics and extra-curricular activities.


                                    Finally, Dr. Winkler publicly commended teachers and administration for working with students to be proactive regarding the protester situation last Tuesday.  She also wanted to commend students for being so cooperative.



Committee           EIT                      Ms. Bealer reported that the committee will meet next month. 

Reports                 Pat Bealer


                                   BCTC               Ms. Bealer reported that the committee meeting was very interesting.  Marlon Miller

Carl Ziegler  was recognized for his contributions and they changed classifications for a few

                             employees.  There were also students in attendance were spoke regarding a

                             competition in Kansas City.


                                    ECC                   There was a meeting Monday, October 8.

                                    Pat Bealer


                  BCIU                 Paster Ritter reported that the IU provided the State of the Unit Report, which was

                  Dennis Ritter the meetingÕs primary presentation.  They also approved the IU to compete in a bid

                                               procurement process to share curriculum and education information throughout the



                  PSBA               Ms. Bealer reported that she attending a workshop on Thursday, October 4 in Hershey 

                                    Kay Churchman  with Kay Churchman and Dr. Winkler.  There she was provided a legislative

                                                                 platform for the voting delegates.  PSBA also recommended changes to school

                                                                 employeesÕ pensions, which was very contentious. 


Policy & Curriculum   Mr. Yurvati reported that there was four agenda items:  senior citizen

                  Bill Yurvati     clearances (which was approved by the committee and became board approved on

                                               October 1), discussion regarding boysÕ participation on girls sports teams, PA Reap-an

                                               online job application system, and a discussion on the bon-fire request for

                                               homecoming, which is now rescheduled for November 7 from 4-6 p.m.                                      


Personnel            Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Bill Yurvati, to approve the following personnel items:

1.        Approval to grant tenure to Erin Tenney effective September 24, 2007 due to completion of 3 years of teaching and fulfillment of all requirements for tenure.

2.        Ratification of Kelly High as a health room assistant in the elementary schools, at a rate of $14.00 per hour, effective immediately pending completion of all paperwork.

3.        Approval of Sherry Wentzel as a part-time cafeteria worker, effective October 22, 2007 at a rate of $8.20 per hour.

4.        Correction of Karen BettleyonÕs rate from $24.50 to $24.00 per hour as a Special Education Instruction in the Home teacher, effective September 18, 2007.

5.        Correction of Janelle LoebÕs anticipated return date from July 2008 to August 2008 from her child rearing/family medical leave commencing on February 7, 2008 or expiration of available sick and personal days.

6.        Approval to decrease Kay Gernerts hours from 43 hours per week back to 40 hours per week for brailing classroom materials.

7.        Approval of Matthew Cullen as Middle School Technology Student Association advisor for School Year 2007-2008 at a salary of $820.00.

8.        Approval of the following individuals to be added to the approved 2007-2008 substitute teacher list at the daily substitute rate:

Loretta Morrone                    Seton Hall College              NJ Elem./Handicap Cert. (PA cert. pending)

Colleen Kramer                    Brenau University               Early Childhood N-3 Cert.

Elizabeth Snyder                 Kutztown University          Elementary K-6 Cert.       

             Stacy Fritz                       Kutztown University       Elementary/Early Childhood

                                  Roll call vote:  Yes  7                 No  0                           Absent  2  (Reppert, Churchman)

                               Motion carried.

        All Personnel are Approved Pending the District's Receipt of All Mandated Credentials


Copier Lease     Motion made by Al Darion, seconded by Dennis Ritter, for the acceptance of FraserÕs copier 

Proposal               lease proposal at fir market value buyout per the attached schedule.

                                    Roll call vote:  Yes 7                No  0                         Absent 2  (Reppert, Churchman)

                                    Motion carried.


PA Reap               Motion made by Dennis Ritter, seconded by Al Darion, for the approval of PA Reap, an online application service, to serve as a vehicle for advertising professional positions in the district at a first year cost of $1,600 and $950 per year thereafter.  (The first year service will run from November 1, 2007 through December 31, 2008.)

                                    Roll call vote:   Yes 7           No 0                       Absent 2  (Reppert, Churchman)

                                    Motion carried.


Acting                    Motion made by Al Darion, seconded by Carl Ziegler, to approve Dr. Brenda Winkler as acting

Superintendent superintendent, effective November 3, 2007 per the attached Emergency and Exigent Circumstances document.

                                    Roll call vote:   Yes 7           No 0                       Absent 2  (Reppert, Churchman)

                                    Motion carried.


Superintendent   Motion made by Carl Ziegler, seconded by Dennis Ritter, for the approval of Dr. Brenda

Compensation WinklerÕs compensation as acting superintendent, effective November 3, 2007, at her current per diem rate with continuation of her current benefits.

                                    Roll call vote:   Yes 7           No 0                       Absent 2  (Reppert, Churchman)

                                    Motion carried.


Adjournment     Motion made by Pat Bealer, seconded by Bill Yurvati, to adjourn the

                                    meeting at 9:15 p.m.

                  Motion carried unanimously.


                                                                                                                   Respectfully submitted by,


                                                                                                                   Rikki L. Clark

                                                                                                                   School Board Secretary