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Junior Takes Over Teaching

By: sophomore Justin Akers

As we near the midpoint in the 2016-2017 school year here at Kutztown Area High School, junior Shane Kressley takes center stage in Mrs. DeAngelis’s 9th grade Computer Applications class to give lessons on coding.

“I went to Mrs. DeAngelis asking to borrow a pair of headphones. I didn’t get the headphones until the end of the period because we talked about a previous student teaching coding,” said Shane. “She proposed that I teach the students. I’ve always wanted to do it.”

Shane, who is currently enrolled in German teacher Herr Wert’s coding class, has always had in interest in coding because he wants to become a videogame designer himself.

“In 9th grade Mrs. DeAngelis made us [the students] teach individual features of iMovie,” said Shane. “I got a taste of it [teaching]. I’ve always had that side of me that wanted to teach.”

After Shane’s first day in the classroom, he was described as an excellent guide who knew what he was doing.

“[He was] absolutely excellent. He was in control of the classroom and knew what he was doing,” said Mrs. DeAngelis. “He is very well prepared and is knowledgeable in this subject matter. He really likes working will my students.”

Shane is currently teaching HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is used as the basic coding language for building a website. In the spring, he is using Javascript, which is used in the creation of games.

“The knowledge of building an application that will help students in other subjects is good to know,” said Shane.

This is the second year Mrs. DeAngelis has allowed a student to teach an HTML lesson. As she learns more and more everyday she feels like she will be able to help the kids also.

“I feel like I am a much stronger student as a similar lesson was taught last year by [sophomore] Michael Hill,” said Mrs. DeAngelis. “I will be working alongside my students.”

In addition to teaching, Shane is currently working online with a group of friends to create their own video game currently called Video Games Remixed. Shane has a personal goal of making video games accessible to everyone regardless of age or experience.

“Many parents don’t play videogames because they are too complex for them,” said Shane. “I’d make a simple game in the end that would teach them the basics to play.”

And at the end of the day if the videogame designer thing doesn’t work out, Shane may have a very secure future in education.