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USDA Extends Waivers That All Students Can Receive Free Breakfast/Lunch Daily

On October 9, 2020 the USDA announced a waiver that allows schools to serve ALL children meals for free, regardless of their income, will be continued through June 30, 2020. This announcement is designed to ensure that families are supported with nutritious meals amid the pandemic

Effective immediately All Kutztown School District students, are able to receive free breakfast and lunch on any day that school is in session. All students can receive a full breakfast and full lunch for free.

One full meal at both breakfast and lunch will be offered, free per student. If a student chooses to purchase ala carte items or additional meals, those items will be charged to their food service account.

Please continue to fill out applications for free and reduced lunch where appropriate as this data is important for both families and the school.

We encourage all families to take advantage of the USDA free meal program.