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Student Laptop Distribution & Pickup

Laptop distribution and pickup for students in 7th-12th grades will be on August 13-15th at the high school from 12:00PM - 6:00PM.

Grade 6 laptops will be distributed during the first weeks of school after aclimation to the middle school and review of tules and procedures.

Middle school parent laptop orientation will be a part of Parent Night on August 28th.

Insurance Plans:

The Plans include:

  1. “Pay As You Owe” option with zero ($0) upfront cost and damage repair fees to be paid in full as charged by the repair provider and
  2. “Deductible Plan” option with a $65 upfront insurance fee for Macbook laptops, reduced to $55 for students who did not have a repair claim during the 2018-2019 school year, and $15 upfront insurance fee for Chromebook laptops; prorated at semester two at ½ price. Damage repair fees not covered by the existing warranties will be assessed in the deductible amounts of $100 for Macbook laptops and $30 for Chromebook laptops. Students who exceed two (2) repair claims within one school year will be charged damage and repair fees in full as charged by the repair provider.