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The Common doors open exactly at 7:25 AM.  Please do not drop your child off at school any earlier than this time, especially during inclement weather.  The students do not have access to the building until 7:25 AM.

Students who are walking or being dropped off at school should arrive by 7:35 AM and should be dropped off at the Commons entrance.

Homeroom begins at exactly 7:40 AM.  Any student not in homeroom at 7:40 AM is considered tardy and must report to the Office for a late pass.  Excessive tardies can result in detention.

The school day ends exactly at 2:43 PM.  Students riding the bus home are dismissed at 2:43 PM.

Walkers and parent-up students are dismissed at 2:50 PM.



If your child is out sick, please call 610-683-3575 to report your child out sick.  A written excuse note must be submitted for each absence.  The note must be submitted within 3 days.  A doctor's note is preferred.  Students are responsible for finding out what school work was missed and completing that work.