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KASD Inclement Weather Procedures

Good evening KASD, 

It appears we may have our first experience with winter weather this week. We will be following our traditional inclement weather procedures for 2020-2021 as of now. Despite the availability of virtual learning, challenges guaranteeing access for all families with limited notice, primarily at the elementary level, make it best to cancel school rather than transition to virtual district-wide instruction when inclement weather arrives. Our need to keep all levels, Elementary, Middle, and High on the same calendar makes it necessary to have school cancellations at all levels when the weather makes it unsafe. 

We will evaluate this practice throughout the winter and alter plans if we determine it best meets the needs of all students. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you, 

Christian Temchatin


Winter Weather Procedures

In preparation for the upcoming winter months, please take note of the Kutztown Area School District Emergency Closing and Delay Information. The Kutztown Area School District has a comprehensive and time-efficient notification plan in place for updating our staff, parents, and students. As snow, ice, or other inclement weather situations arise that may affect the school day, administration will be in contact with our Transportation Coordinator, Eshelman Busing Company, and Township and Borough Road Masters to determine the road conditions. The administration will then make a decision based on the information presented at the time whether to delay, close, or open school on time with the main purpose of maintaining student and employee safety.
There are many factors that impact the decision whether to delay or close school when inclement weather arises.

Our school district is 99 square miles, the largest school district in terms of size in the county. The weather conditions can vary across the district where temperatures and precipitation can fluctuate greatly. Daily, our school buses and vans conduct nearly 1300 bus stops, travel over 3200 miles, and transport nearly 1400 students (KASD students, charter school students, and non-public school students). All of these combined factors inform our decision regarding school closure, delay, or on-time opening.
If it becomes necessary to close or delay school because of inclement weather, the announcement will be communicated via the ConnectEd Phone/Email/Text System, as well as the following radio and TV stations:

FM Stations:
WZZO-FM (95.1), WAEB-FM (104.1), WRFY-FM (102.5), WFMZ-FM (100.7), WCTO-FM (96.1), WIOV-FM (105.1), WLEV-FM (86.1), WBYN-FM (107.5)
AM Stations:
WKAP-AM (1320), WAEB-AM (790), WRAW-AM (1340), WEST-AM (1400), WEEU-AM (850)

TV Stations:
(69) WFMZ-TV, (3) CBS, (6) ABC, (10) NBC, (2) Kutztown Borough Cable, (8) WGAL-TV
Please tune to one of these stations for closing information. Please do not call the schools. Announcements will be made as early as possible, preferably by 6:00-6:15 a.m.

This year we will once again use both the 2-hour and 3-hour delay when appropriate to ensure the best educational experience based upon conditions and their impact on the safety of students and staff.

Evening School Events Snow Provision

In the event that schools are closed during regular daytime hours due to inclement weather, all evening events may also be canceled. The Director of Athletics, Student Activities, and Community Relations will be in contact with coaches/advisors regarding the status of evening school events who in turn will be in contact with families.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we approach the winter season. Let's hope for an uneventful winter!