• School Board Committees and Community Liaisons

    The Kutztown Area School Board operates under a committee structure. These committees provide an opportunity for the members to study and review issues within the committee's area of responsibility. The committees make recommendations to the entire school board for action.

    Committee members and Board liaisons for 2007 are as follows:

    Budget / Finance Committee

    Members: (Board as a whole)

    Policy / Curriculum Committee
    Members: Patricia A. Bealer, Esther Kathryn Churchman, William A. Yurvati, Daniel C. Walter, Alan J. Darion

    Extra-Curricular Committee
    Members: Patricia A. Bealer, Dennis S. Ritter, Don C. Vymazal, Dale H. Reppert

    Personnel Committee
    Members: (Board as a whole)

    Facilities Committee
    Alan J. Darion, Patricia A. Bealer, Daniel C. Walter, Dale H. Reppert

    Negotiations Committee
    (Currently inactive)

    Strategic Plan Steering Committee
    (Currently inactive)

    Berks E.I.T. Bureau
    Representative: Patricia A. Bealer
    Alternate: Don C. Vymazal

    Representative: Esther Kathryn Churchman
    Alternate: Patricia A. Bealer

    Representative: Dennis S. Ritter

    Representative: Carl H. Ziegler
    Alternate: Patricia A. Bealer

    Berks Vo-Tech Authority
    Representative: Barry Mengel