Student Assistance Program - Kutztown High School

  • The Kutztown Area School District provides Student Assistance Programs at the Middle and High Schools. This service is available to assist students to cope with many of the issues which may impact on their educational progress. this may include drug/alcohol use, mental health issues, pregnancy, abuse and loss.

    the purpose of this program is to:

    • Identify students in crisis.
    • Provide direction and support to those students identified.
    • Refer students in crisis to appropriate community agencies and support groups.

    Confidential referrals may be made to the Student Assistance Team by any concerned individual - student or adult. Confidentiality of information is maintained unless there is a danger to personal safety.

    All members of the Student Assistance team have received extensive training. The team works with community agencies to meet the needs of the students. At times throughout the year support groups for students meet and discuss issues.  Some of these groups that have met in the past deal with grief and loss, anger management, ending nicotine dependence and "talk it out".

    If you would like to refer a student to the Student Assistance Program you would contact any member of the Student Assistance Team via email, in person, writing or phone call. 

    Student Assistance Team Members for the High School:
    Lauren Cicale - Guidance Counselor -
    Andrew Brett - Guidance Counselor -
    Dona Hetman - Alternative Education Teacher -
    Stephanie Shiffert - Special Education Teacher -
    Brenda Loeb - School Nurse -
    Josh Chambers - LA Teacher - jchambers
    Tom Miller - LA Teacher -
    Student Assistance Team Members for the Middle School:
    Jim Brown - Principal -
    Hallie Schumacher  - Guidance Counselor -
    Michele Longacre - Sp. Ed. teacher -
    Dawn Starolis - Life Skills Teacher -
    Aaron Ashman - Gifted teacher -