Flier Distribution/Sign Posting

  • In accordance to Policy 913 Nonschool Organizations/Groups/Individuals, we have developed the following guidelines to assist in the approval process:

    •  All requests for distribution of fliers must be made in writing to the Superintendent. Please submit a copy of your flier to Rikki DeVough in the Superintendent’s Office for approval.

    Email:  rdevough@kasd.org

    Fax:     610-683-0388 

    • Allow 72 hours for approval.
    • Upon approval, fliers will need to be bundled and labeled by classroom according to current student enrollment. Student numbers will be provided with approval.
    • Copies of fliers should be provided to the District Administration Office, 251 Long Lane, Kutztown. District personnel will distribute the fliers to outlying buildings.
    • Fliers must be received at least two days prior to guarantee distribution by a specified date.  The district will make all reasonable attempts to distribute materials as early as possible.