Facility Request Information

  • Please refer to the instructions and link below. Contact Ed Yapsuga, Director of Athletics, Student Activities and Community Relations, at 484-641-5546 or Melissa Nolte, Assistant to Ed Yapsuga at 484-641-5547 with any questions. Thank you.

    Any organization that is not school sponsored must have an insurance policy of $300,000 public liability and $100,000 property damages. Kutztown Area School District shall be named as an additional insured on all policies.


    Category I – School related groups and organizations and any civic organization or recreational department within the bounds of the district that provides services such as organized activities to the youth of the district.

    Category II – Governmental, community, civic, recreational, and service groups from within the bounds of Kutztown Area School District not providing services to the youth of the district. Participation or membership in groups must be made up of at least 60% of the school district residents.

    Category III – Non-school related groups from within the bounds of the school district when admission is charged or fund-raising activities are conducted.

    Category IV – Groups from outside the Kutztown Area School District or commercial establishments within the Kutztown Area School District.


    Facility                       Category I                Category II                       Category III                       Category IV

    Auditorium               No Charge                $100 per day                    $200 per day                    $500 per day         

    MS Commons          No Charge                $100 per day                     $200 per day                    $500 per day

    Gymnasium              No Charge                $15 per hour                     $150 per day                    $500 per day

    Cafeteria Only          No Charge                $50 per day                       $75 per day                       $200 per day

    With Kitchen            No Charge                $100 per day                     $125 per day                     $250 per day

    Classrooms               No Charge                $30 per day                       $50 per day                       $100 per day

    Athletic Field           No Charge                 $25 per hour                    $50 per hour                     $50 per hour

    Parking Lot              No Charge                 $25 per hour                    $50 per hour                     $50 per hour

    Stadium                    No Charge                 $30 per hour                    $75 per hour                     $100 per hour

    • All fees outlined above are for facility rental only. Hourly labor charges for custodial, cafeteria, and other support personnel will be assessed at the current rate or overtime rate as applicable.
    • Costs related to excessive wear and tear or damage to athletic fields, building facilities, wrestling mats, soccer or basketball nets, or other equipment will be assessed by the athletic director.
    • The superintendent will determine rates for special events or activities not covered by the above categories.
    • Smoking and/or alcohol is prohibited on all school property.
    • Weekend and non-school session event scheduling is contingent upon securing custodial staff. In the event that we are unable to secure custodial staff, you will be notified in advance and the event will be cancelled. 

    By completing the application, the person signifies that he/she is aware of the district’s regulations regarding this use, is responsible for the group, will see that the buildings, grounds, and equipment are not misused, that groups have proper adult supervision, and that the buildings, grounds, and equipment are used in conformity with the rules and regulations of the board of education. It is hereby also understood that school activities have priority for the use of the district facilities. This applies for any school activity that must be rescheduled. Note: Ignoring local ordinances, e.g., parking on the grass, road or other non-designated parking areas, may result in municipal fines. Failure to adhere to the above regulations may result in the revocation of facility use privileges.

    It is understood that all community groups using outside playing fields will not play (practice or games) on fields during/after excessive rain. Games should be canceled when it is obvious that fields will be damaged. Damage done to fields will be the responsibility of the group in charge. Authority to decide also rests with the school district athletic director, who has a final right to decide whether or not to cancel events during periods of excessive rain.

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