• Local Transmission Level

    7 Day Incidence Rate (Cases per 100,000 residents over the previous 7 days)

    7-Day Percent Positivity(Berks)

    Masking Status in Schools



    Including Kutztown University population


    *Universal Masking Required

    per PA Department of Health Order



    Kutztown Area School District COVID-19 Cases by Building per Week

    *Cases include some that were not in the building while contagious


    Week of December 3

    COVID-19 Positive

    KES Students



    KES Staff


    GES Students


    GES Staff 0
    KAMS Students 3
    KAMS Staff 0
    KAHS Students 6
    KAHS Staff 1
  • Details regarding The Pennsylvania Department of Health masking order are listed below.


    • Each teacher, child/student, staff, or visitor working, attending, or visiting a school entity shall wear a face-covering indoors, regardless of vaccination status
    • Limited exceptions include
      • Individuals demonstrating a documented disability impacted by wearing a face covering
      • When isolated in a room alone
      • When working with someone who is hearing-impaired or has another disability, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication including speech and language instruction as deemed appropriate by the teacher. 
      • When engaged in an activity that cannot be performed while wearing a mask- Examples including seating and drinking or playing an instrument. In these instances, other mitigation strategies should be implemented to the extent possible. 
      • Participating in high intensity aerobic or anaerobic activities
      • When a child/student is participating in a sports practice activity or event, whether indoors or outdoors. Student-athletes must wear masks to and from practice in the building and when engage in non-practice activities. Coaches must face coverings when indoors.
  • Community Spread Data- 

    7 Day Incidence Rate data is collected by using the Pennsylvania Department of Health Pennsylvania COVID-19 Dashboard. PA DoH posts daily cumulative positive cases by zip code. The previous day's cumulative cases count is subtracted from the current day's cumulative cases count to determine the daily case count. 

    The following zip codes are included in the calculations. 

    Zip Code
    19534- Lenhartsville
    19529- Kempton
    19530– Kutztown
    Kutztown University


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