What Will It Look Like?

  • In order to continue our school year from a distance, we have deveolped our Virtual Learning program for all students. This version of school will take place online and allow students to continue their work in rich and meaningful ways. The KASD Virtual Learning program is our version of online education that allows students to complete the majority of coursework at their own pace online while at home and is enriched with other live face-to-face learning sessions with the teacher and classmates. Our Virtual Learning program will include required graded assignments and attendance within a flexible structure.   

    Video tutorials and more information about expectations, attendance, and coursework can be found in the Parent Resources.


  • Students will be accessing materials using Clever and Google Classroom as well as using Google Meet and Zoom for live sessions with teachers.

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    Tutorial Videos

    Student Account Information

    • Username: (student email)
      • graduationyear+lastname+firstname@student.kasd.org
      • EX: 32lastfirst@student.kasd.org
    • Password: Initials+Student Number ("lunch number")

Middle & High

  • Students will continue to access their courses through Canvas. Students should already be familiar with this system used in all grades 6-12. 

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    Parent Account Information