• KT•Connect: Broadband equity to enable connected learning
    Providing home and on-the-road access for our students.


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    HotSpot loaner program based in media libraries in our district for check-out.

    • Travel
    • Bus Trips
    • Field Trips
    • Student Showcases/Presentations


    1. Public Access Locations

    • KASD School Buildings
    • Kutztown Community Library

    2. Hotspot Rental

    KASD will be offering mobile hotspots rentals at a discounted rate ($35/month) from retail for qualifying families with students in the district who do not have home internet access. 

    Click here for the Rental Application

    3. Launch Scholarships

    With support from the KASD Education Foundation, launch scholarships are available now. The scholarships are designed to provide one year of home broadband access to limited income KASD families without home internet enabling them to save for a local broadband service subscription in order to support at home digital connectivity for student-teacher, student-content, and parent-teacher interaction.

    Click here for the Sholarship Application


    For more information, please contact the Office of Educational Technology:
    (484) 641-5532