Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP)

  • At Greenwich, the Elementary Student Assistance Program, ESAP, provides supportive and confidential services to children and their families to meet their emotional, physical and academic needs in a collaborative and non-judgmental manner. The ESAP process serves to remove any barriers to the students learning, by mobilizing resources for the student and their families. 
    The ESAP team is made up of dedicated teachers and administrators at the school who are dedicated, and trained to serve the community. Below are the members of the Greenwich Elementary ESAP team:
    Erin Anderson, Principal
    Stephanie Steigerwalt, School Counselor
    Tina Schmeck, School Nurse
    Vanessa Sherrer, School Nurse Assistant
    Karen Austin, Instructional Support Teacher
    Melissa Blatt, 5th Grade Teacher
    Shawna Oswald, 4th Grade Teacher
    Elizabeth Wessner, 1st Grade Teacher
    Cindy Chmelewski, Community Liaison/Caron Foundation
    If you have a concern for your student please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the team, or fill out a Family Referral form that is located on the side bar of this page.