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  • Thomas A. Sally


    For the past fourteen years, I have taught World Cultures, US Government, and American History in the high school for the Kutztown Area School District.  Before my teaching profession, I served in the United States Air Force.  My Real World experiences have enabled me to connect to the history subjects that I am teaching. I began my service under the US Southern Air Command flying missions out of Panama in support of missions that would later become known through the Iran-Contra hearings. My service continued through “Operation Just Cause.” From there, I participated in “Operation Desert Shield” and “Operation Desert Storm,” “Operation Restore Hope” in support of the African relief effort in Somalia (later know for Black Hawk Down), and in “Operation Provide Comfort” flying into Northern Iraq in support of the Kurds. I was reactivated in 2003 for “Operation Enduring Freedom” and “Iraqi Freedom.”  My experiences have brought history alive for my students and have helped me to connect my students with historical topics.

    Within my classroom at Kutztown High School, I have recognized the needs of the techno-generation and continually challenge my students to strive for greatness in the 21st century classroom.
    I like to use student cooperative learning techniques as well as cross curriculum cooperative learning with other subjects to connect students with real world scenarios. I also favor Inquiry-based Instruction, which allows the students to explore topics. I have incorporated 21st century tools into my lessons to help my students make connections between the classroom and the complex issues in society today.

    I am currently teaching three periods of World Cultures, three periods of KVA (Kutztown Virtual Academy) World Cultures, and one period of Oral History A Biography of the America Veteran. 

    If you are the parent of a student taking my course, please sit down with your student and ask them to show you my Moodle Page. All assignments, due dates, and resources are accessed through the Moodle page.

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