Kutztown Area High School Spanish Language Courses - Levels 2, 3, 4 Honors, 5 Honors

  • Instructor:   Señora Marta Matas Schunk, MA


    Background:  As a first generation American I grew up bilingual. My Cuban mother and first generation Spanish father used Spanish as the primary language at home in the multicultural neighborhood of South Bethlehem, PA. The influences of many Hispanic family members and friends, my formal education and teaching experience have been a valuable asset to my listening and speaking of the Spanish language. These same influences have left positive and endearing imprints about Hispanic people, which I regularly share with students.


    Textbooks:            Level 2, 3, 4 Honors and 5 Honors:

    Funston, James F. Somos así; En sus marcas Book 1, Listos Book 2, Ya Book 3, St. Paul, MN, EMC/Paradigm Publishing, 2000.


    This text series offers structure and sequencing of vocabulary and grammar. The three texts allow for a smooth transition from Spanish level 1 through to Spanish level 5, while proficiency is developed in reading, writing, listening and speaking the target language. Students will be accountable for the material presented by me.


    The primary objectives are to prepare students for university study, to have more successful and enjoyable travel experiences and to foster an understanding and appreciation for the cultural diversity of the immigrants who are citizens of the United States of America.


    All levels begin with a review of the language, as a basis for later study of more advanced structures that further emphasize word meaning and use.


    All levels emphasize proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing the language, in other words being able to use the language effectively in everyday situations.


    Academic students must successfully complete Foreign Language Levels 1 thru 3.


    Levels 4 and 5 in Spanish are considered “Honors” courses.


    My goals for each school year are:


    Spanish 2 students will continue where they left off in level 1 using the text

    En sus marcas, the first book of the EMC series.


    Spanish 3 students will continue where they left off in level 2 using the text

    Listos, the second book of the EMC series.


    Spanish 4 Honors students will complete the second portion of the text

    Listos, the second book of the EMC series.


    Spanish 5 Honors students will continue where they left off in level 4 Honors and use the text Ya, the third book of the EMC series.


    Remediation:          I am available for tutoring during period 5 (Pyramid) every day.

                                     Students must make arrangements with me prior to the date we are to meet.


    Concerns:                 Mschunk@kasd.org

    School phone:             610 – 683 – 7346             Leave a message at the High School.


    Counselors:             Mr. Andrew Brett and Mrs. Karen Vymazal

    Guidance phone:              610 – 683 – 7346