The supreme purpose of history is a better world.
- Herbert Hoover

A democracy is dependent upon a well-educated electorate who is willing to engage in thoughtful debate for the progress of our nation.  Thus, it is imperative that our students understand past events, decisions, and philosophies so that they may actively participate in the complex political, economic, and social decisions in a global community.  

At Kutztown, the U.S. History course is a 3 part course, beginning in 8th grade.  In eighth grade, students study Early Explorations through Jacksonian Democracy.  In 9th grade, students explore Westward Expansion through World War I, and in 10th grade students investigate the Roaring Twenties through the Clinton administration.  In addition, students may opt to take AP U.S. History either as a sophomore instead of U.S. History 10, or as an upperclassman as an elective.

The 10th grade U.S. History course is a reading and writing intensive course.  The course is intended to give students opportunities to act as historians and develop their own conclusions, based on the critical interpretation of primary and secondary sources.

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