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  • Carol Schulley
    Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

    Middle School and High School 
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    Current Classes:

    8th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences - 1 semester - 15 double periods
    1/2 sewing and 1/2 cooking.

    9th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences - 1 semester - 45 periods
    Food Safety, Nutrition, Consumerism, Budget and Finance, Personal Values

    Flour Power  ~ 1 semester - 90 periods - 9~12 grade
    Cooking and baking anything and everything with flour.

    Family Studies ~ daily - year long - 9~12 grade
    Study of family dynamics, pregnancy, birth, and child development.

    Foreign Foods ~ 1 semester - 90 periods - 9~12 grade
    Study of food customs in foreign countries, and preparing and sampling those foods.

            Healthy Living ~ 1 semester - 90 periods - 10~12 grade
                    Study of nutrition and using that knowledge to achieve optimal health.

    Welcome to my classroom website!

    Family and Consumer Sciences topics apply to the everyday lives of teens and adults. Ninth grade students will learn to skillfully handle their finances, create a healthy meal plan, shop wisely, be a responsible citizen, and develop personal values. I look forward to helping students increase their knowledge base.