Title I Policies


    Title I School Family and Parent Engagement Policy

    Kutztown Elementary School


    Purpose: The purpose of the family and parent engagement policy is: 1) to insure the active participation of all parents/families of Title I students in the planning and implementation of the reading program; 2) to provide information to parents/families about Title I funds and the services provided by those funds; 3) to help parents/families develop reading strategies and materials to be used at home; 4) to encourage parents/families to feel responsible for their child’s successes; 5) to provide written information for all Title I activities, workshops, and meetings in parent-friendly language or translated to their native language as needed.


    Members: All parents/families of Title I students are members of the parent/family engagement policy group. As the need arises, members of the Title I staff may contact parents to serve on committees, help with reading activities, attend parent meetings, or review and improve all Title I policies and documents.


    Compact: All parents of Title I students shall sign a Parent Compact and agree to work with the classroom teacher, the reading specialists, and the Principal to ensure that each student will be a successful learner.


    Meetings: The following meetings will be held throughout the school year:

    1. In September when students are identified for Title I services, a notification letter is sent to parents and returned signed to Title I teachers.

    2. Individual parent/teacher conferences as needed or during formal conference time in November (2 afternoons and 1 evenings) and/or February (2 afternoons)

    3. Title I Parent/Child Night held in November

    4. Title I Meeting held in May


    Parent Materials: Funds will be allocated to provide classroom interventions and parent involvement activities.

    1. Kindergarten Intervention – My Sidewalks on Reading Street (Scott Foresman)

    2. Grades 1, 2, 3 Intervention – Soar to Success (Houghton Mifflin)

    3. Grades 1, 2 Home Component – Sunshine at Home (Wright Group)


    Other Parent Information:

    1. Cover letter and parent notification form in September

    2. Parent Survey – completed in late May or early June

    3. Grade level curriculum guides are currently being reviewed/updated by Elementary Professional Learning teams.

    4. Student progress toward proficiency is measured by periodic standards-based Benchmark Assessments and reported to parents during conferences.

    6. At the August Open House, Title I teachers are available to advise parents of expectations for proficiency and how progress can be monitored.


    Limitations: The Parent Involvement Group shall have no power to bind any member of the Kutztown Area School District to any debt or obligation without written authorization.


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