District Goals 2020-2021

  • Organizational Goal

    Goal Statement- KASD will provide high-quality instruction to all students in the school district in a flexible format including in-person learning and access to KASD teachers in a virtual setting. 


    • All students electing to attend in-person will have access to school, to the extent possible, in a safe manner. 
    • All students electing to attend through virtual learning will have access to daily synchronous learning with KASD teachers. 

    Student Achievement and Growth

    Goal Statement: Students demonstrate growth in subjects measured by standardized assessments.


    • 90% of all students taking a STAR assessment will demonstrate growth in English Language Arts and Mathematics by achieving a Student Growth Percentile (SGP) score of 35 or higher.

    Goal Statement: Students demonstrate proficiency in subjects measured by state or standardized assessments. 


    Literacy - 

    • 85% of all students will achieve proficiency by the end of 11th grade as measured by the the English Language Arts Keystone exam. 
    • 75% of students in grades 3-8 will achieve proficiency as measured by the Star PSSA-linked score or the 2020/21 ELA PSSA.
    • 80% of students will be read on grade level by the end of third grade as measured by Fountas & Pinnel (Level P) or STAR 360. 



    • 85% of all students will achieve proficiency in Algebra by the end of 11th grade as measured by the Algebra I Keystone exam. 
    • 75% of all 8th-grade Algebra I students will achieve proficiency in Algebra as measured by the Spring Keystone Exam. 
    • 75% of students in grades 3-8 will achieve proficiency in mathematics as measured by the Math PSSA or STAR 360. 



    • 85% of all students will achieve proficiency by the end of 11th grade as measured by the Biology Keystone Exam.
    • 80% of all 8th-grade students will achieve proficiency in science as measured by the Science PSSA.


    College and Career Readiness 

    Goal Statement: Provide all students with learning experiences that will prepare them for a successful college and/or post-secondary career. 


    • College Readiness (HS)
      • Maintain or grow the percentage of students enrolling in Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment classes.
      • Maintain or grow the percentage of students enrolling in 9th-grade honors classes.
    • College/Career Readiness (6-8)
      • Students will be exposed to various careers or career skills at least once per quarter in each curricular area as evidenced by the written and taught curriculum.

    Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 

    Goal Statement: Provide all students with a rigorous and standards aligned curriculum, research based best instructional practices, and assessments that will inform and guide our practice.  


    • Initiate a program evaluation of middle school ELA/reading to result in a recommendation for possible revisions in curriculum, resources, and/or instructional practices.
    • Expand the scope of the KASD K-12 Literacy Framework to Birth-Grade 12 through the implementation of an infant through age 5 book gifting program.
    • Finalize recommendations for Secondary Literacy Best Practices for implementation in the 2021/22 school year.

    Parent, Staff, and Community Engagement

    Goal Statement: Involve, engage, and inform the community to maximize partnerships and relationships that support the educational experience of all students. 


    • Collaborate with organizations to make KAHS graduation a community celebration. 
    • Solicit community feedback regarding district/school needs, priorities, and improvement initiatives through community surveys, forums, and meetings. 
    • Implement an online registration process to ensure accurate data for all families in KASD. 
    • Build partnerships in the wider community focused on overcoming racism and other barriers and other diversity equity and inclusion barriers 
    • Implement an online registration for athletics by the end of the 2020 - 2021 school year. 
    • Initiate a live stream platform for athletic events.
    • Develop a comprehensive maintenance and improvement plan for our outdoor athletic fields.
    • Provide avenues for virtual opportunities for participation in clubs and activities. 
    • Engage non-school groups and youth organizations to provide positive communication throughout the community utilizing school district resources. 
    • Partner with youth organizations in K-12 extracurricular and co-curricular programs to engage students and grow participation at the scholastic and interscholastic level. 
    • Partner with community organizations for the purpose of furthering our school district’s digital capabilities in terms of internet access, device management, and student off-campus engagement. 
    • Engage students, faculty, and community members with the Educational Technology Department planning and implementation. 


    Financial and Human Resources

    Goal Statement:  Develop a fiscally responsible budget that reflects the values of the community, supports a quality education for all students, sustains the educational program, and is supported by the Board of School Directors and the community.


    • Evaluate building usage and workspace to maximize the use of district resources. 
    • Develop plan to maximize resources, recruit and retain support staff 
    • Restructure positions where and when possible, evaluate contract proposals based on quality of service and cost, and pursue additional partnerships to provide efficient services.
    • Perform a line item analysis of all accounts to seek financial efficiencies.
    • Develop a 3-to-5 year budget forecast for presentation at the Spring Budget and Finance Committee meeting to inform the school board and community of the budget realities in the future.
    • Review and update job description manuals for all departments to align with current function and district needs.


    School Safety 

    Goal Statement: Provide all students, staff, and visitors with a safe and secure environment and ensure preparedness to effectively respond to all situations.


    • Implement the KASD Health and Safety Plan to maximize student access to high-quality instruction and curriculum.
    • Conduct regular safety drills in consultation with first responders. 

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

    Goal Statement: Embed equitable practices in all instructional areas and District practices


    • Provide professional development focused on culturally responsive practices in instruction and leadership. 
    • Developing Committee Structure for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness Committee
    • Evaluate practices and implement a plan to recruit a diverse candidate pool including a focus on cultural competencies. 
    • Develop and implement a KASD Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion communication plan to share information and resources for students, staff, and community.