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Kutztown Virtual Academy KVA

The Kutztown Virtual Academy (KVA) provides a flexible, standards-based online learning program that is designed to meet the needs of any student living within the Kutztown Area School District.  KVA offers online courses to all students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  

Our options include: 1) full-time cyber learning, 2) hybrid cyber & campus learning, and 3) acceleration & enrichment learning. Along with Pennsylvania Certified Teachers, our KVA Program offers a support specialist, guidance counselors, mentors, and learning coaches.

For additional information, please contact our KVA Support Specialist, Janelle Loeb, at: 610-683-7361 ext. 5568

A Special Message from Mrs. Loeb:

As a Kutztown Area School District graduate, I excitedly serve as the KVA Support Specialist. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Physical Education from West Chester University, with experience as a teacher in the Southern Lehigh School District and Kutztown Area School District.  Along with my educational background, I possess a business and hospitality management background, with ownership in the restaurant business. As the KVA Support Specialist, I eagerly offer my knowledge and skills in the areas of education, career development, and study / learning skills, and appreciate the opportunity to create success for all KVA students and their families.

Janelle Loeb