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Canvas is KASD's online Learning Management System (LMS) used at the middle and high schools. As an online classroom housing curricular and course materials, Canvas allows students to complete and submit assignments, projects, and assessments. Many of these online activities receive grades and teacher feedback. Canvas is a great place to peek into your child’s academic world and see a snapshot of his or her classroom.

Canvas Parent Access Instructions: 

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The Difference Between Canvas and PowerSchool Grades:

PowerSchool grades may differ from what is seen in Canvas. This is because some grades in Canvas are only used for tracking purposes and are not transferred to PowerSchool. For example, a pretest may appear in Canvas, but it will not be used in a student’s grade calculation in PowerSchool.  However, some scores in Canvas may be carried over into PowerSchool for overall grade calculation; this is at the discretion of each teacher. PowerSchool houses the formal collective performance of your child for ongoing progress monitoring, grade record, and report card information.