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TEK Collaborative

The TEK Collaborative consists of students, faculty, staff, parents, community members and administrators, who wish to share their knowledge and ideas regarding "Technology in Education at Kutztown." Team members meet periodically to discuss recent developments, concerns, and perspectives. The TEK Collaborative is ever-evolving and open to new members. If you are interested in joining the collaborative, please contact Dr. Myers at


Aaron Ashman, Pam Ashman, Deb Barnes, Cathleen Brown, James Brown, Angela Bucci-Herb, Lauren Cicale, John Ebner, Mish Groller, Mary Gruber, Hilary Heffner, Katie Hess, Josh Hoffman, Amy Howard, Steve Leever, Shawn Lynch, Kelly Mahoney, Ed Myers, Bett Patten, Sallie Sandler, Alison Scheidt, Ty Shaub, Chris Simmons, Eric Smith, Gene Sweeney, Chris Temchatin, Izaiah Horn, Joanne Waidelich, Ben Hoffman, Alison Westgate, Drew Zensky, Gavin McAdam.