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Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Viewpoint Neutral Guidelines

Kutztown Area School District uses various social media platforms to communicate information with our students, staff, parents, community, and a global audience. We believe that open and public online communication are an integral way to share important district information, highlight the many success stories in our learning community, and provide interactive dialogue with our stakeholders. While some of our social media and online forums to allow for posting of public comment, all posts should be viewpoint neutral and offending posts violating our guidelines can be removed from our online forums.

Viewpoint Neutral Guidelines
for public posts that can be removed include but are not limited to:

  • personal attacks;
  • lewd, vulgar, or profane language or images;
  • unsolicited advertisements;
  • posts that identify students by name;
  • posts promoting violence, or illegal conduct;
  • posts promoting discrimination.

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