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Innovation & Design STEAM Learning Hubs

With the support of the Kutztown Education Foundation, Innovation & Design has become a staple within the Kutztown Area School District. We are committed to implementing innovative classroom experiences for our students. KASD Teachers may join the itiative at any time by discussing curricular ideas with the Director of Educational Technology and requesting funds to transform their classrooms into Digital Learning Hubs. The focus is on "enhancing and transforming learning," with an emphasis on three components:

Design Orientation

* Involves Design Thinking, Research Design, and/or "Minds On, Hands On" learning activities for students.


* Incorporates an instructional strategy that utilizes a technology tool, with a specific purpose and outcome.


* The curricular work is maintained across multiple years.

Innovation & Design is embedded throughout our classrooms, at the elementary, middle school and high school levels, and we constantly seek new ways to blend technology across all curricular areas in our S.T.E.A.M. programs. We thank the Kutztown Education Foundation for its involvement and support of our Innovation & Design program!




Arts & humanities


Past & Current Practices:

Coding, Audio / Video Production, Maker Spaces, Robotics Kits, Augmented / Virtual Reality, Multi-Media Design Centers, Digital Experiments & Presentations, Visual Arts Design Equipment & Centers, Math Models, Manufacturing Design.