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1917 High School Building
There is a long history of schooling in the area. Many of the schools, including St. John's Parochial School in Kutztown Borough (the first school), were church schools. Kutztown accepted the Public School Law (passed in 1834), which required each community to have free school supplied by a tax on property in 1938. The Pennsylvania Germans opposed the free schools because they feared English would take the place of German as the language of the school and community. The parochial school continued to serve as the major school for several years.

Although the township school directors erected a four-room building in 1862, the movement toward a greater acceptance of public education in Kutztown began in 1892 with the construction of another school in Kutztown Borough. This structure was utilized by the school district until 1977. Today the district is comprised of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

There are numerous other examples of a strong educational stimulus within the community. Kutztown University was established in 1866 and continues to be a valuable part of the area's educational program. In addition, the district is "dotted" with one-room schoolhouses, some of which are open to tours. Although there is an appreciation of the past on the part of residents, there is also a feeling that future educational programs should allow students to compete with those of other districts and in the global community.