What's Happening? - Pictures Events and Activities

  • Halloween
    Great costumes first grade!

    KU Women and Girls in Sports Day
    On February 11, we were fortunate to visit Kutztown University for a celebration of Women and Girls in Sports Day. The lady Golden Bears taught us basics for many sports. The Golden Bear football players were our guides on this totally fun day! They even treated us to lunch after our hour of sports centers. The first graders and university students developed a great relationship for the day. Thank you KU!
    To see photos on the KU website, go to: http://www.kubears.com/galleries and click on the National Girls and Women in Sports gallery.
    After cheering and tumbling with us, Avalanche, the Golden Bear mascot, almost took Trace away with him!
    We learned the proper "bump" technique in volleyball. Group #2 had a special dance with their football player chaperones!
             We had a BLAST!

    100th Day

    We grouped puzzle pieces by 10 to count 100 pieces, then worked together to put together 100 piece puzzles.
    We all met in the gym so 5th graders could lead us in 100 exercises and some great dances, like PBJ and the Cha Cha Slide!

    Valentine's Day
    We had a great bingo game, yummy food, and friendly valentine fun.

    Engineers Constructing Towers
    In science we are currently studying solid and liquid matter. We observed solids and recorded the properties we saw. Today (2-18-14) we used solids to construct towers and found what solids made the best bases for our towers. We collected that data and will be able to use it to be better engineers in our future construction projects!