Kurtz Bros.

    1. Go to their website at  kurtzbros.com
    2. Click on Quick Links drop down box.
    3. Click on Promotional Pricing.
    4. Type promo code KISKI in the promo code box and click on "Fetch Pricing". You will see "Your KISKI Pricing Is Loaded"
    5. Search for your five digit item code. 
    6. Click on Quick Links drop down box.
    7. Click on Express Order.
    8. You are now ready to create a list by typing in the 5 digit item code numbers in the Merchandise Code / Item # box
    9. After you put in the 5 digit code number, add the quantity then hit Add you will see the catalog price number with a line through it and the discount price below it.
    10. This discounted pricing can now be used on your requisition.