TO:              Current Employees Employed for Any Period from 9/1/2015 to 10/16/2020                  

    FROM:         Steven Leever, Assistant Superintendent

    SUBJECT:     Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Litigation Settlement

    DATE:          June 4, 2021

    You have received or will receive an email or postcard informing you that you have the right to participate in a class action settlement regarding Blue Cross Blue Shield litigation.  This communication is legitimate and is not a hoax or fraudulent scheme.   Save the information you received as it contains a unique ID code specifically identifying you. 

    Since it is necessary for employees to file their own claims, visit the official website, www.BCBSsettlement.com for information concerning the litigation settlement and the claims process.  Your employer and the health care trust in which your employer participates will not be filing claims on behalf of employees.  If questions you can call (888) 681-1142 or email info@BCBSsettlement.com.  Neither the Trust office nor your employer can provide legal advice to you.

    Please review your options and important deadlines as provided in the settlement information.  If you decide to participate in the settlement, the deadline to file your claim is November 5, 2021.  




    Steven A. Leever

    Assistant Superintendent, KASD