COVID-19 Related Leave


    On September 20, 2021 the KASD School Board of Directors enacted Administrative Regulation 334 extending leave in some instances of workplace exposure to COVID-19. An employee may only be eligible for COVID leave if they are strictly following all KASD mitigation efforts while in the workplace. These include but are not limited to:

    • Observing proper social distancing while working, eating and collaborating
    • Observing masking requirements in place by district or government order
    • Practicing other mitigation strategies put in place to reduce risk of transmission

    Administrative Regulation 334 - Please Review 


    Staff who are absent with COVID related illness:

    Step 1: When possible see a nurse in the building to inform and receive advice.

    Step 2: Enter your absence in Aesop for each day that you are out of the building.

    • Type of Absence: Select “Sick”
    • Administrative Notes: Enter “COVID related”
    • Human Resources will adjust your sick days to COVID leave if you are deemed eligible under AR 334.

    Step 3: Communicate with your building administrator (email or phone):

    • Substitute Plans in place
    • Time frame you think you will be out

    Step 4: Communicate back to school nurse, principal and HR as your condition worsens or gets better.

    Step 5: Communicate with Christian Temchatin and building principal on when you can return to work.

    *Board Policy 335 Family and Medical Leaves 

    Applicable Documents: