Parent/Community Volunteer

  • Kutztown Area School District welcomes and encourages volunteers in its schools and classrooms.  All unpaid volunteers are required by law to provide their school districts with all three clearances dated within one year and to update the clearances every five years as long as there is no 'break in service' (meaning you must volunteer at least once in a school year). There is an exception to the FBI fingerprint clearance for volunteers ONLY who have continuously resided in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for ten plus years without any convictions, which is shown on the Volunteer Application/Information Form. Additionally, all volunteers must submit forms listed below, signed and completed in their entirety. These forms can also be picked up at any of the school building offices, or the HR office at the Administration Building. 


    Also, as a district volunteer, you are required (as are all school employees) to provide notice of an arrest or conviction of certain offenses, or if you are being named a perpetrator in a report, within 72 hours of the arrest, conviction or listing as a perpetrator. The district reserves the right to process, at their own cost, additional background clearance checks on any volunteer who is reasonably believed to be involved in an arrest, conviction or named as a perpetrator.

    All volunteers may only submit for FBI clearance expense reimbursement (except money order fees), but ONLY if you are not eligible to sign the Residency Affidavit on the application. Please complete the Volunteer Expense Reimbursement Form and submit, along with receipt, to the building office in which you will be volunteering. The principal will approve it and forward it to the HR Office. You will receive a check in the mail for your reimbursement. Since there is no longer a fee for Criminal Check and Child Abuse clearances the district will not reimburse those expenses if you paid for them. (The business office must receive reimbursement paperwork by the first Friday of the month in order to be approved at the second monthly board meeting. Otherwise, it will have to wait until the following month.)

    Additional information can be found below.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the HR office at 610-683-7361, ext. 106. 

Senior Volunteer Tax Exchange Program

  • District senior citizens may volunteer for service in our schools in exchange for property tax credit.  The program is open to residents 62 years of age or older who are residential property owners, paying district residential property taxes in the Kutztown Area School District.  Participants have the opportunity to volunteer for up to 100 hours of service in exchange for up to a $500 rebate of the following year’s school property taxes per residence.

    The experience and knowledge of senior citizen volunteers are needed in a broad range of areas, including a host of areas working with students and helping in our buildings.  A small listing includes, but is not limited to:

    • Working Directly with Students (eg. assist in cafeteria or classroom, tutoring, reading to children, or listening to children read)
    • Working in Support Areas (eg. assist in the library, launder athletic uniforms)
    • Working in Offices (eg. paper shredding, copying, data entry, sorting mail, stuffing envelopes)
    • Building/Grounds Support (eg: cleaning, groundskeeping, painting, ticket sellers/takers)


    In order to apply to become a Senior Volunteer Tax Exchange Program participant, please see instructions and forms above in the Parent/Community Volunteer section.