Planning Ahead

  • Succeeding in an online course can take as much time as an on-site course. While the online format provides flexibility about when to participate during the day, it does not eliminate the need for frequent engagement every day. 

    Here are some suggestions for you as you engage in our Virtual Learning while at home:

    • Establish a routine. Set your alarm, have breakfast and be ready to learn at the same time every day. Schedule and break for lunch as well as timed breaks throughout the day. With a routine, you have the best chance of staying on track.
    • Set up your space. Pick a place in your home that is free from distractions and has everything nearby that you need for your classes. Put away your phone. Get dressed for school, yes, really. 
    • Reach out when necessary. Connect to your instructors over email or on Canvas and attend live virtual sessions. Ask questions just as you would in class and take advantage of all activities and assignment that will help you prepare for the exams.
    • Utilize all available resources. Use the tools on your laptop or online to take notes, save your work, and keep reminders. Once you are organized, stick to it - try not to keep your notes or files in too many places. Take advantage of the online lessons and lectures, interactive activities, virtual classroom sessions, and instructional videos - all of these activities are designed to help you be successful in the class.