Parent Resources

  • We know families have been asked to take on more, many times alongside of your own work, whether at home or in the community, and we are here to support you. Resources including links, short video tutorial guides, and other information are available on this site. Please do not hesitate to reach out to classroom teachers, building principals, support staff, or any administrator knowing we all in this together and will come out stronger as a community.


  • Students will be accessing materials using Clever and Google Classroom as well as using Google Meet and Zoom for live sessions with teachers.

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    Tutorial Videos

    Student Account Information

    • Username: (student email)
      • EX:
    • Password: Initials+Student Number ("lunch number")

Middle & High

  • Students will continue to access their courses through Canvas. Students should already be familiar with this system used in all grades 6-12. 

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    Parent Account Information


  • We have multiple supports available to families as you help assist in our virtual learning.

    Click here for supports available to families and students.