• WORLD FOODS                          One semester/daily                          .50 credit


    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course will focus on studying a particular culture and preparing the cuisine of different countries. The countries to be explored may include Japan, China, Italy, Mexico, and Germany. Students will research and present a cuisine project on a country of choice, other than those listed above. 



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    1. Demonstrate working knowledge of kitchen appliances and utensils.
    2. Demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to work cooperatively in the development and implementation of recipes.
    3. Develop an appreciation for cuisine and preparation techniques from various countries.
    4. Expand knowledge of the background of cuisine from various countries.


    METHOD OF INSTRUCTION:  Information will be obtained through online research, books, videos, and direct instruction. The instructor will demonstrate cooking techniques for each unit. There will be some guest presenters. Students will research and prepare a variety of recipes for each unit including at least one from their country of choice.



    Kitchen safety and cleanliness                                 German cuisine

    Foodborne illness causes and prevention                  Mexican cuisine

    Ingredient purpose                                                 Italian cuisine

    Cooking utensils and methods                                 Chinese cuisine

    Measuring skills                                                     Japanese cuisine

    Knife skills                                                            Country of Choice




    Formative assignments account for 30% of the grade.

    Summative assignments account for 70% of the grade.

    1. Class participation
    2. Class research
    3. Quizzes
    4. Projects and Tests


    1. When I am talking, no one else is talking!!!
    2. Students will respect one another as individuals with unique ideas.
      • Wait your turn when someone else is talking.
    3. Students will be equal and willing participants in all classroom activities.
      • Inform instructor if you are too sick to cook. A research assignment will be given.
    4. Exercise self-control.
      • Do not touch one another, do not throw any objects, no foul language.
    5. Students will arrive to class prepared to cook on lab days.
    • No open-toed shoes.
    • No gum.
    • Hair will be pulled back.                    
    • Aprons will be provided if desired.
    1. Students will be expected to maintain kitchen cleanliness as specified by instructor.
    2. Cooking is a privilege, not a right. Students must earn the right to cook in a lab by demonstrating subject knowledge., and also by following the rules.
    3. All ingredients will be provided for recipes prepared in class. However, food NOT required for YOUR recipe is NOT to be taken, eaten, or used.
      • You will not be eating every day.
    4. Everyone will do their fair share. The same person will not do the same task every time their group cooks. Anyone not doing their fair share will lose the privilege to cook and will be given seatwork.
    5. If you do not understand something PLEASE ASK.

    Grading Policy


    1. Classwork, cooking labs, and quizzes count for 30% of your final grade. Tests and projects count for 70% of your final grade.
    2. Homework assignments will only be accepted on the day they are due; absolutely no late work will be accepted.  If you are absent on the day you are to turn in an assignment, it is due the following school day.
    3. All projects must be handed in on the due date.  Projects will be accepted up to 3 school days after the due date at a loss of 5 points each day.  If you are absent on the due date, you must hand it in the next school day.
    4. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what work was missed and make arrangements with me to get your work or take your test.  You have only 3 school days to make up tests and quizzes or you will receive a zero!
    5. Tests can be re-taken after remediation with the teacher. You have 10 days to complete remediation and re-take the test.
    6. Projects CANNOT be re-done and re-submitted.
    7. Write Absent on top of the assignment when you turn it in. Assignments can be put on my desk or in my mailbox in the main office.
    8. Anyone caught cheating will be given a “0” for the assignment.  The 2nd offense will result in disciplinary action.