• INTERIOR DESIGN I                                 One semester/daily                                        .50 credit

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Interior design is a relevant and challenging area of study requiring several 21st century skills, such as communication, creativity, critical thinking, technology literacy, and collaboration. Students will explore concepts and careers within the study of interior design, including the areas of furniture and textiles, historical accuracy, space management, color in design, construction basics (electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and lighting), and architectural drawing.

    INSTRUCTOR:  Mrs. Schulley                                                                                cschulley@kasd.org

    Available during CONNECTIONS and after school (by appointment only). 

    To leave a voicemail: 484-641-5590 ext. 7495


    1. Demonstrate knowledge of housing styles, interior and exterior, including meeting specific design needs.
    2. Develop leadership skills and the ability to work cooperatively on design projects.
    3. Demonstrate working knowledge of architectural plans, including lighting and interior systems.
    4. Implement the elements of design as applied to furniture, textiles and surface materials, color, and window treatments.
    5. Develop knowledge of residential and industrial career choices within the field of interior design.

    METHOD OF INSTRUCTION:  Information will be obtained through online research, books, videos, guest speakers, and direct instruction. Students will apply acquired terms, develop knowledge, and increase level of skill by creating projects with increasing difficulty.


    Factors influencing housing                           Lighting, appliances, and electronics

    Housing options                                           Outdoor living environments

    Exterior design styles                                   Elements and principles of design

    Reading architectural plans                           Color in design

    Space planning                                             Textiles and surface materials

    Construction basics                                       Furniture and window treatments

    Interior systems                                            Careers in housing and interiors


    DAILY SYLLABUS. Please follow the daily syllabus for assignments, quizzes, tests, projects. If you are absent, complete the assignment listed on the daily syllabus.

    I reserve the right to alter the order of the daily syllabus assignments.


    Formative assignments account for 30% of the grade.

    Summative assignments account for 70% of the grade.


    Vocabulary quizzes                                         Current events in interior design

    Discussions                                                    Research




    Project development and presentation


    1. Students will respect one another as individuals with unique ideas.
    • Wait your turn when someone else is talking.
    1. Exercise self-control.
    • Do not touch one another, do not throw any objects, no foul language.
    1. Students will bring a fully charged computer to every class.
    • Computers will be used often – be prepared.
    1. Be respectful of the materials and tools that you are provided with. Do not misuse or abuse school provided materials and tools.
    2. It is the student’s responsibility to check for assignments and due dates on the daily syllabus and Canvas.
    3. In the event of absence from class, the student is responsible for asking the instructor about missed assignments and class activities.
    • It is your job to ask about what you missed.
    1. Missed assignments are given one additional day for each day absent. Write Absent on top of the assignment when you turn it in. Assignments can be put on my desk or in my mailbox in the main office.
    1. Any student caught cheating will be given a zero for the assignment. The second

                offense will result in disciplinary action.

    1. If you do not understand something PLEASE ASK.

    Grading Policy

    1. Classwork and quizzes count for 30% of your final grade. Tests, projects, and portfolio assignments count for 70% of your final grade.
    2. Homework and classwork assignments will only be accepted on the day they are due; absolutely no late work will be accepted.  If you are absent on the day you are to turn in an assignment, it is due the following school day.
    3. All projects must be handed in on the due date.  Projects will be accepted up to 3 school days after the due date at a loss of 5 points each day.  If you are absent on the due date, you must hand it in the next school day.
    4. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what work was missed and make arrangements with me to get your work or take your test.  You have only 3 school days to make up tests and quizzes or you will receive a zero!
    5. Write Absent on top of the assignment when you turn it in. Assignments can be put on my desk or in my mailbox in the main office.
    6. Tests can be re-taken after remediation with the teacher. You have 10 days to complete remediation and re-take the test.
    7. Projects CANNOT be re-done and/or re-submitted.
    8. Anyone caught cheating will be given a “0” for the assignment.  The 2nd offense will result in disciplinary action.