• 1/28 - test today.  No assignment.

    1/27 - We finished practicing the test today.  Test tomorrow.

    1/24 - Test on Tuesday.  We will continue practicing on Monday.

    1/23 - first exam is posted on Canvas.  Finish the IXL assignments from 1/21 and begin practicing for your test.

    1/22 - We began (and finished) solving multi-step inequalities with absolute values today.  We will continue this concept tomorrow.  We are approaching our first exam.

    1/21 - Do IXL Alg I (9th) K.14, K.15, and L.4 all to 80% targets.

    1/14 - worked on IXL Algebra I (9th) K.10 and K.11 to 80% targets today.  We will continue tomorrow.

    1/13 - worked on solving and graphing inequalities today.  Tomorrow we will work on compound inequalities.

    1/10 - finished solving some more complicated absolute value equations.  

    1/9 - we worked on solving equations with absolute values.  The lesson notes are section 1-7.  There were a few problems assigned at to be completed during the period.

    1/8 - we finished reviewing how to solve multi-step equations, and spent time on special cases (identities and no solution equations).  Section 1-5 in your notes on Canvas.