• 1/29 - IXL Algebra I (9th Grade) - Functions - Q.1, Q.4, Q.7, Q.11 all to 80%, Slope-Intercept Method - S.12, S.7, S.8 all to 80%, Standard Form - S.17, S.18, S.19 to 70% due tomorrow end of class.

    1/28 - we practice graphing lines with the intercept method (standard form) and slope-intercept method (mx b).

    1/27 - worked on writing functions today.  We will graph linear equations tomorrow using slope-intercept and the intercept method.

    1/24 - finished the IXL assignment today.  Due Monday afternoon.

    1/23 - Wrapped up functions 3-2, and finished the IXL assignment from 1/21 (due tomorrow afternoon).

    1/22 - We began section 3-2 (Functions) and will continue this tomorrow.  Keep working on your IXL, we will finish up tomorrow.

    1/21 - Do IXL Alg I (9th) K.14, K.15, and L.4 all to 80% targets.  I'll hand your tests back on Wednesday.

    1/14 - We finished solving and graphing absolute value inequalities, and worked on the combined Chapter 1/2 Exam today.  It'll be on Thursday.  

    1/13 - today we finished the IXL assignment (below) and began working on the exam for Chapter 1 and 2 that is posted on Canvas.

    1/10 - Please do IXL Alg I (9th Math) standards K.9, K.11, and K.15 all to 80%.

    1/9 - we finished solving and graphing compound inequalities.  There is only one section to go (Section 2-7) before we will have a short exam next week.

    1/8 - today, we finished reviewing solving multi-step inequalities and graphing them on a number line.  Section 2-4, notes on Canvas.