• 1/29 - Quiz corrections are due tomorrow.  IXL Algebra I (9th) W.1, W.2, W.3, and W.4 all to 90% each.

    1/28 - Finished Sci. Not. for small numbers.  Complete IXL 8th Grade - G.1 and G.2 to 90% each.

    1/27 - worked on Scientific Notation for large numbers today.  Finish your take-home quiz and be sure to finish the IXL assignment.

    1/24 - Please complete IXL (9th Grade/Alg. I) V.4, V.5, V.6, and V.7 all to 70%, and then do the take-home quiz (due Tuesday end of class).

    1/23 - We completed a practice set of exponent rules.  See me for the paperwork if you were out.

    1/22 - We finished up the Quotient Rule for Exponents today.  You need all three rules (Product of Powers, Power of/to a Power, and Quotient Rule) moving forward.

    1/21 - Complete IXL 8th Grade Math, F.8, F.11, and F.17 all to 80%.

    1/14 - Exam on Thursday (see Canvas).  We will start lesson 6 tomorrow.

    1/13 - Lesson 5 homework, do 15-21 odd in the top group, 15-21 all in the lower group (approximating square roots), and 25, 27, and 29 from the Classifying and Ordering.

    1/10 - We completed lesson 4, approximating square roots (irrational numbers).  There was a sheet assigned (posted on Canvas) called Approximating Square Roots Practice.

    1/9 - We worked on converting repeating decimals to fractions (rational numbers).  The technique is described in Lesson 3's notes.  There were three problems for practice.

    1/8 - We finished categorizing numbers as Rational or Irrational, and practiced IXL 8th Math, D.5 to 90% (due Friday 1/10).