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    Word Ring 

    On your child’s folder is a “word” ring.  Each week, we will add two new words to the ring for your child to practice throughout the week.  There will be a word on the front and a word on the back.  Please have them practice these words nightly and find fun ways to use them.  We will continue to add the words until all 50 high frequency words have been added.  


    Words Added...

    A    YOU    MY    ME    LIKE    LITTLE    SEE    LOOK    AT    MAKE    ARE    SHE    WAS    WE    IN    IT    HERE    I    JUMP    IS

  • Group Reading

    Units of Study, Reading

     This week during our Units of Study in Reading we will focus on...


    * Reading Harder Books


    * Using Patterns to Help Us Read Harder Books


    * Finding Pattern Breaks to Help Us Read


    * Celebrate Our Reading




  • Boy Writing  

    Units of Study, Writing 

    This week during our Units of Study Writing we will be...


    *discussing "How To" stories.


    *planning "How To" stories.


    *practice telling "How To" stories.


    *use our friends to help make our writing better.  


    Girl Holding Paper