Tech 2 School 2019

  • Welcome back to what will be an exciting and amazing school year!

    Our Ed Tech Team has been hard at work this summer updating many of our systems, bringing in new equipment, and sharpening our skills to provide you with the best possible service. Below are a few areas on which we have been working and items of note to being your school year.

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    Imagine Learning & Chromebook Logins
    This year, students and teachers will be able to log in to Imagine Learning using their "Clever Badges" - the same badges as used for their Chromebook logins. Using the Clever Portal, students access IL and other applications (more every day) using only one login/badge. Alternatively, students and teachers can login to the Clever Portal with their Google logins (though these are longer to type for elementary students).
    Badges used to login to Chromebooks and Imagine Learing are available to download at THIS LINK.
    Clever (and IL) can be accessed from (1) the "Our Apps" portal page, or (2) from the KASD bookmarks folder on Chromebooks.
    Escape the Desk
    Ready to make your projection interactive? Ready to move away from the desk? For the elementary this year, we will be using our classroom iPads to "Esacpe the Desk" and be free to teach and interact from anywhere in our classrooms. Just as we have changed the designed of our student spaces to be more flexible, we, too, are now freed to flexibly instruct and have our students interact for anywhere in the room. More details at our August in-service.

    MS Laptop Distribution
    Laptops for 7th and 8th grade students will be distributed over the summer along with the high school pickup allowing 7th and 8th grade teachers to begin incorporating Canvas and other technology-infused lessons immediately on Day 1. Sixth grade distribution will occur in school after initial middle school orientations and expectations are reviewed.

    Updated Freshman Laptops
    Our 9th graders will receive new laptops, using the same device through their high school career. Apple no longer makes the 11” laptop model and they will be provided the 13” model. Teacher laptops are scheduled to be updated the following school year.
    HS Laptop Distribution
    Laptops for 9th grade will be available for pickup over the summer similar to the 10-12th graders, allowing freshmen teachers to begin incorporating Canvas and other technology-infused lessons immediately on Day 1.

    Updated Gradebook
    We will be migrating to the new PowerTeacherPro (PTP) gradebook from the current PowerTeacher Gradebook. PTP is a completely redesigned gradebook built with standards-based mastery in mind. It is a completely web-based tool, accessible on any device. Early adopters (MS/HS teachers currently using and testing) have shared positive feedback and our elementary teachers are currently using the new gradebook. Training will be provided online and face-to-face in August.
    Process Skills in Gradebook
    You will be able to enter process skills for your students directly into your gradebook. And as with the current gradebook, you will have the ability to “mass fill” scores allowing for quick and easy entry for multiple students at once.
    New Report Cards
    We will release a redesigned report card for the 2019-2020 school year that incorporates the academic score along with the process skills on the same report. Teachers will also have the ability to print report cards. We will also have a future release with the option for parents to access the report cards digitally via the PowerSchool Parent Portal - but not right away.
    Yes, we will not only get you up to speed, but also prepared to launch into new and creative ways to use these and other new tools to enhance teaching and learning. Online, face-to-face, and blended options will be available in August, during Best Practices Fair, end-of-term refreshers, just-in-time learning, and ongoing throughout the year.


    • Improved Filtering Services
      • We have upgraded our internet filtering services. The new system will provide enhanced content filtering and allow us to create profiles based on building and better segment between staff and students. 
    • Enhanced Internet Connection
      • Our internet has been upgraded to include a second internet connection for additional bandwidth. This also provides resilient connections should one of the connections fail to ensure improved and seamless access.
    • Core Server Equipment
      • Our core server equipment has been upgraded for enhanced performance to internal systems and resources accessed over the local network connection. It also improves redundancy with a backup system located at another building to ensure continuity of services.


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