Research & Design

  • mindset Fueling innovation by designing for people.

    • 6th Grade Research & Design
    • 7th Grade Research & Design
    • 9th Grade Research & Design

    This course is designed to help students build transferable skills in research and design as well as develop skills in order to create highly employable students who understand and shape content and culture through project-based design processes. The Research & Design course is implemented in sixth, seventh, and ninth grades and is a graduation requirement taken by all freshman. During this study, students will solve real world problems through human-centered design, empathy, and passion-driven inquiry practices.

    The guiding principal which undergirds these courses is the application of the design thinking process. With support from our partners at and The Teachers Guild, we not only implement design thinking within the R&D courses, it is naturally being adopted with other classrooms as we ask our students to develop authentic solutions and engage with intended users.

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