Create highly employable students who understand and shape content & culture through project-based design and experiences in Innovation, Design, Engineering, and the Arts.

    • (create the future)
    • (embrace change)
    • (maximize potential)


    • Empathy through human centered design
    • Equity through social justice
    • Engagement through collaboration in authentic civic project-based experiences


    • Project-based Design
      • Inquiry + PBL
      • Integration
      • Design Thinking + Engineering Design Process
      • Blended Learning
      • (Differentiated Instruction)


    • Every student has exposure to core IDEA STEAM programming K-12.
    • Courses are rooted in project-based design.
    • K-12 progression of courses provide an exponential deepening of content.
    • Promote next generation and problem solving, life-related skills necessary to effectively operate in society, which also promotes perseverance, creativity and craftsmanship.
    • Knowledge, skills, and dispositions are transferred into other academic and core content areas.