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    The KASD Approach

    At Kutztown, our STEAM program is designed to "create highly employable students who understand and shape content & culture through project-based design and experiences in Innovation, Design, Engineering, and the Arts."





    A Community-Based Approach

    In this vibrant community, Kutztown is leveraging the resources, talents, and strengths of neighborhood partners to foster Bright IDEAs in STEAM. While STEM as a nation movement in education has seen growth in schools, Kutztown is launching into a one-of-a-kind, community-based approach to STEAM focused on Innovation and Design through Engineering and the Arts. The Main Street corridor is a natural corridor to various education systems, businesses, and community organizations where together, we are bound in the spirit of tradition and innovation.

    • Kutztown Area School District
    • Arts & Innovation Incubator
    • Kutztown Community Partnership
    • Kutztown Businesses
    • Kutztown University