Plan Ahead and Work Throughout the Week

  • Succeeding in an online course takes as much time as an on-ground course. While the online format provides flexibility about where and when to participate, it does not eliminate the need for frequent engagement throughout the week. Here is a sample schedule for a typical week:


    Begin required readings and multimedia


    Continue reviewing materials


    Post to discussion forum and begin assignments


    Continue posting and working on assignments


    Read and respond to posts and work on assignments


    Read and respond to posts and finish assignments


    Check your work and submit assignments


    Online learners plan ahead. They are organized and schedule their time during the day and throughout the week as they tend to be busy with children, full-time jobs, or other priorities. Working on the train, during a lunch break, or in the morning—there’s really no right time to study, as long as it fits your life. Scheduling time effectively can ensure you make the most of the flexibility of online learning.