• Our Goal

    • Implement a district-wide differentiated professional learning model for teachers to support continuous improvement and student achievement. 


    • All meetings take place via video conference for the 2020/21 school year. Dates and times will be forthcoming. The typical cycle of topics is as follows:
      • Meeting #1 - Review feedback from Opening In-service and provide input to current year PD calendar
      • Meeting #2 - Review feedback from October In-service and make recommendations for adjustments in PD calendar
      • Meeting #3 - Plan annual Needs Assessment Survey and make recommendations for Flex Program
      • Meeting #4 - Review results of Needs Assessment Survey


    PDE Act 48 Guidelines:

    A school entity’s Professional Education Plan must be prepared by a committee consisting of:

    • Teacher representatives divided equally among elementary, middle, and high school teachers, chosen by the teachers;
    • Educational specialist representatives, chosen by educational specialists;
    • Administrative representatives, chosen by the administrators of the school entity;
    • Parents of children attending a school in the district, appointed by the board of school directors;
    • Local business representatives, appointed by the board of school directors; and
    • Other individuals representing the community, appointed by the board of school directors.


    The Professional Education Committee is responsible for:

    • Establishing operating functions/subcommittees
    • Conducting a needs assessment and setting clear goals for professional education
    • Creating a delivery system for approved professional education that is designed to meet the identified needs of students
    • Preparing the Plan aligned with the district’s Chapter 4 Strategic Plan
    • Signing-off on the Professional Education Plan and submitting it for approval by the school board
    • Reviewing the Plan annually making revisions as needed


    KASD Act 48 Committee Members

    • Erin Anderson, GES Principal
    • Lori Arndt, KES IST Teacher
    • Karen Austin, GES IST Teacher
    • Deb Barnes, KES Principal
    • Melissa Blatt, GES Teacher
    • Brenda Boyer, KAHS Teacher/Parent
    • Jim Brown, KAMS Principal
    • Heather Carey, GES Teacher
    • Jennifer Elliker, Supervisor of Special Education
    • Barry Flicker, KAHS Principal
    • Michenelle Groller, KAMS Teacher
    • Kristin Haring, KAMS Teacher
    • Caecilia Holt, Board Member
    • Eric Johnson, Board Member
    • Karise Mace, Gifted Teacher
    • Dr. Ed Myers, Director of Educational Technology
    • Alyssa Raifsnider GES Teacher
    • Dr. Diane Quinn (Chair), Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development
    • Kerri Schegan, Reading Specialist
    • Chris Simmons, KAHS Teacher
    • Dawn Starolis, KAMS Teacher
    • Beth Stump, KES Teacher
    • Shannon Sunday, KAMS Teacher
    • Christian Temchatin, Superintendent